00 7/28/2021 4:53 AM
Mate selection criteria are more realistic
With the rapid economic development and the rapid expansion of the fast food era, our country is entering an important stage of comprehensive transformation and construction. The social economy and market structure have undergone repetitive changes. Therefore, the society’s crazy pursuit of money and materials It also affected the outlook on life and values of contemporary female college students. Under the temptation of social ethos and material money, they envy the successful people in society, but some are unwilling to work hard. Therefore, under the huge impact of ideals and reality, many female college students choose "little third" and "second wife". To realize their pursuit of money and material. Their desire for success and material enjoyment continues to expand, and through their youth and appearance, they achieve these so-called successes, while ignoring the true need for emotions in their hearts.Myminisexdoll