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A wonderful welcome to everybody!

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    00 9/3/2007 7:30 PM
    romina240, 03/09/2007 18.06:

    oh my God! There are too many mistakes!! [SM=g27819]
    some mistakes are stupid as with, feel, "to" next "for", etc.. I must be more careful.
    thanks for your corrections.. [SM=g27822]

    No problem,Romina!We all make mistakes!According to me,it is better to make them,because only in this way we learn!

    Gianmaria Framarin
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    00 9/11/2007 2:30 PM
    lim3, 02/09/2007 21.11:

    i took the first some years ago, and it was very useful in university. now i need the TOEFL, but i also need time to study, and i lack it at the moment...

    I've been told that TOEFL is quite hard, lim...
    I mean, I had to interview a scholar at my school last May, and she had just taken a TOEFL test, all about... GEOLOGY!!!
    Now, tell me if you know something about the subject, my Lord!
    The girl was pretty certain she would not pass the test, since her knowledge of geology was close to null and void, but who knows... sometimes the subject might be much better. Hope so.

    "Ma da che terra viene questo qua?" "Cina!" "de Teracina?" "no, due contro uno 'n ce sto..." (Bonolis-Laurenti)
    Federico Giusti
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    00 1/8/2008 12:57 PM
    Excellent idea, I need to learn better English
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    00 7/29/2008 9:52 PM
    hi guys i`m new......good idea to have a section in english for non-italians!! well done for the forum very well done!

    Marianna Scarci Official Community

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