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    People get there in the end!

    Here's a cutting sent from a Torbay local newspaper! The letter from Monsignor Gabriele Caccia is of interest to us. As for the lady being a "Papal Sleuth" - if she had Googled at once or asked one of us, we could have told her the answer at the time of our Papa's election.
    But it shows that there is interest in Papa everywhere - even in darkest Torbay, Devon!
    Love, Mary x [SM=g27811]
    P.S. She's a lady not to be trifled with !!!! They haven't met ME!!!!! [SM=g27835] [SM=g27835] [SM=g27835] [SM=g27835] [SM=g27835]

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    Benedetto-Fan in the German section shares with us this item from KNA, a Catholic news agency.
    Here is a translation

    The Pope's caretaker
    By Christoph Renzikowski, KNA

    Pope Benedict's private residence
    is a rather simple house in a suburb
    of Regensburg. Rupert and Therese Hofbauer
    are its caretakers

    Rupert Hofbauer could easily be a rich man. The Pentling resident is most sought-after for interviews
    in the days preceding the Pope's visit to Bavaria.

    A camera team has offered him outright 100,000 Euros if he allows them to try and catch a glimpse of
    the Pope from his house when the Pope visits his private residence in Pentling on September 13.
    The visit will be kept strictly private.

    But Hofbauer is not only the Pope's next-door neighbor. He is also his house custodian. Of course,
    he turned down the unethical offer!

    "How could I spoil my friendship with the Pope?" he asks simply.

    For 28 years (since Joseph Ratzinger moved to Pentling), hardly anyone paid attention to the Hofbauers.
    In 1977, when their next-door neighbor was surprisingly named Archbishop of Munich and Freising, he asked
    Rupert and his wife Therese to look after his house and garden in his absence.

    But since April 19, 2005, when he was elected Pope, some of the limelight has also fallen on the Hofbauers.

    Their sign in front of the Pope's residence directs inquiries to their address. The retired fire chief
    of Regensburg and his wife provide information to visiting fans of the Pope - among them, nuns from the
    United States, many Vatican clergy and civilian workers, and most of all, Polish pilgrims.

    At the time of this interview, there were piles of earth on the Pope's lawn. Much work remained to be done.
    Therese Hofbauer would be responsible for the seasonal planting.

    "She knows exactly what the Pope likes best," he says. "Elder bushes must be planted, and some rose
    bushes, too. And a clematis species called 'Polish spirit' with lilac flowers."

    A Pentling master housepainter, who was once an altar-server for Cardinal Ratzinger, recently gave
    the house a fresh coat of paint, for which he received a letter of thanks from the Pope. His apprentices
    put up a beautiful larch fence on the street side.

    The terrace has been re-paved, and the space in front of the doorway is now ornamented with a mosaic
    in the form of the early-Christian fish symbol.

    Shortly before the visit, a flower tapestry depicting the Pope's coat of arms will be set into the lawn.

    "I am hoping I will unlock the door for him, " Hofbauer says. The Pope may carry the Keys of the
    Kingdom on the Papal seal, but right now, he does not have the keys to his own house.

    Two other members of the Hofbauer household will be happy to see Joseph Ratzinger again -
    Chico the cat, and Ingo, an 11-year-old golden retriever.

    "I am sure the Pope misses them," says their master. "Every time someone from Regensburg
    visits him in Rome, he asks, 'How are the pets?'"

    As the news agency picture accompanying the article was minuscule, I am taking the liberty
    of re-posting here the pictures taken by Simone in Pentling last June.

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    Very interesting article!!!
    What a fascinating article about Papa's house! And it's always good to see again those amazing photos taken by Simone.
    Dear Rupert Hofbauer would never betray his friend, not for 100,000 Euros or for a million - I truly love him for that! If I ever meet Rupert I'll hug him for that! I just pray that Papa IS left alone to see his house, for it will be a very emotional moment for him.
    I expect we'd be surprised at the lengths some obsessive nitwits would go to, just to see him on that day. Good job I shall not be there - I wouldn't be responsible for what I'd do to them.
    Simone and her husband were the sensible ones, going several months early and getting all those photos. Right on, Simone!
    Love to all! Mary x [SM=g27811] [SM=g27822] [SM=g27822] [SM=g27822] [SM=g27822]

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    How are the pets?

    [SM=g27819] [SM=g27819] [SM=g27819] [SM=g27825] [SM=g27825] [SM=g27825] Ohhhh that is just too sweet! I'm sure the pets miss him too. Good for Rupert Hofbauer for not accepting money... trying to protect Papa's privacy. You're right Mary, some idiots will go to any length to see him on his private day. I pray that Papa will be able to visit his house as well as the graves of his beloved parents and sister in peace. [SM=g27823] [SM=g27823] [SM=g27823]

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    What a loyal friend! [SM=x40799] And Papa asking about his pets is too cute. [SM=x40800]

    "To believe in the brotherhood of man without the Fatherhood of God would make men a race of bastards." -Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

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    I think this is an appropriate place to insert this additional image of Papa with the Saint-Bernards,
    posted by Emma in the main forum. It must be one of the first pictures in the series.

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    Ratzi-lella posted these two news briefs earlier today. The first one was from Televideo RAI-

    Benedict XVI has donated two ambulances completely equipped for first aid and emergency medicines for civilian victims of the Lebanon conflict.

    The ambulances arrived today at the base for humanitarian missions of the United Nations in Brindisi, southern Italy, to be placed on a ship to Lebanon.

    Last July 22, the Pontifical Council Cor Unum made a first allocation of 100,000 Euros for immediate aid to refugees under the auspices of Caritas in Lebanon.

    The ambulances, however, are a personal gift from the Pope.

    [Wasn't there an item several months back about him requesting a car company who wanted to donate cars for the Papal fleet, to send the Vatican fully-equipped first-aid ambulances instead? He certainly found appropriate use for the vehicles.]

    And from the blog yesterday (8/6) of Luigi Accatoli (Corriere della Sera's senior Vatican correspondent):

    I send an embrace to Orazio Petrosillo, to Claudia and their two daughters. Since yesterday, Oraazio - our dear fellow Vaticanista from Messaggero - has been at tHhe Gemelli Polyclinic, after two weeks in the hospital in Aosta where he was operated on following a stroke on July 23. He had been in Introd to cover the Pope's vacation.

    On the last day of his stay in the Alps, Papa Ratzinger prayed with Claudia and blessed her and Orazio's wedding rings on their 30th wedding anniversary.

    "A light against the daily darkness" was the title of Orazio's commentary on the Sunday Gospel dedicated to the Transfiguration of our Lord, which appeared today in Messaggero. Orazio had written it before leaving for Val d'Aosta.

    I use the words of his commentary's title to express best wishes to my colleague, great worker, and happy friend. And I send a kiss to Claudia to convey to Orazio. May he triumph over this challenge.

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    echt bayern

    Sorry, I put it into wrong thread, please forgive me...

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    Post it on every thread!!!!
    What a photo!!!!! As you all know, I love photos of our Papa in "ordinary clothes". Any idea of the date when this was taken? I would guess it could have been 2004, the last year he was able to take a holiday in relative peace.

    Talking of which, I'm willing to bet that some obsessed people will follow him everywhere in Bavaria. OK - I KNOW we adore him, but we are reasonable human beings. If I find out anyone [and it won't be one of us!] has attempted to undermine his privacy, I, personally will get them! [SM=g27826]

    I'm a little bit sorry about the television interview, though I admit I'd love to be able to see and video it. We shall not be able to see it in Britain. But, apparently he was very nervous while it was being filmed [according to some agency report I found when Googling] and said "Thank goodness that's over" at the end of it. He's still supposed to be on holiday in Castel Gandolfo. I bet there will be some manic people waiting for him on August 15th, when he celebrates Mass in the parish church there.
    I can boast of only one thing about CG - I was extra-ordinary minister of Holy Communion for our group's priest in that very church, at that very altar, last September. That was enough for me.
    Love and Peace to all here - Mary x [SM=g27811]
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    Re: echt bayern

    Scritto da: Maklara 08/08/2006 15.36

    Sorry, I put it into wrong thread, please forgive me...

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    I'm not complaining... I'm not complaining at all!!!!! [SM=g27828]
    [SM=g27836] [SM=g27836] [SM=g27836] [SM=g27836] [SM=g27836] [SM=g27836] [SM=g27836] [SM=g27836] [SM=g27836] [SM=g27836] [SM=g27836] [SM=g27836] [SM=g27836] [SM=g27836] [SM=g27836] [SM=g27836] [SM=g27836] [SM=g27836] [SM=g27838] [SM=g27838] [SM=g27838] [SM=g27838] [SM=g27838] [SM=g27838] [SM=g27838]

    "To believe in the brotherhood of man without the Fatherhood of God would make men a race of bastards." -Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

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    Yes, you have, Teresa. It was a black and white photo in a newspaper article in Simone's account of her trip through Bavaria. The article referred to Ratzinger Heights and was printed in 1999. Check the link below and scroll down near to the end of the page. Maklara's photo looks different because it is in color.
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    Re: echt bayern
    Ratzinger auf Ratzinger Höhe Aug. 1999.

    gRA(T)ZIe!!!!! Maklara! This is the pict used in the newspaper article Simone found in the menu booklet at “Der Weingarten”, the guesthouse in the Ratzinger Heights.
    Lovely, Lovely, Lovely, Lovely, Lovely, Lovely!!
    [SM=x40799] [SM=x40799] [SM=x40799] [SM=x40799] [SM=x40799]

    Simone’s pict:
    Sorry, benefan. I didn't see your post.

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    I fact I received this photo by email from my friend Monika from Slovakia, who is also fan of Papa.
    I don't have any idea how she got it, but I may ask her.
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    A small Italian news agency item from Monday posted by Elena in the main forum escaped my attention,
    but here is a translation, as well as a photo from the Vatican site

    This afternoon, Benedict XVI made a small pilgrimage of a few kilometers, with his thoughts
    on the Middle East. It was a brief trip to ask for special Marian intercession to end
    the ongoing hostilities in Israel and Lebanon.

    Far from the eye of crowds and of TV cameras, Papa Ratzinger went to the 6th-century sanctuary
    of Madonna del Tufo (Madonna of the Rock), a very old Marian center in Rocca di Papa in the Alban
    Hills, where the Papal summer residence of Castel Gandolfo is also located.

    There is also another Papal residence, Villa Pocci, located in Rocca di Papa itself.

    The shrine owes its existence to yet another of those charming legends of miraculous rescues.
    It is said that one day, a huge chunk of rock broke off from the mountainside and narrowly
    missed hitting a traveller on the road. In gratitude, he erected a chapel on the site
    to honor the Virgin Mary.

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    Looks like GG is on vacation. Fr. Mietek Mokrzycki is his substitute now.

    @Andrea M.@
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    GG is on vacation!!!
    Hi Sue!

    You are right. GG is on a two-week vacation back in his home-town of Riedern.

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    Volcanic rock
    I've been musing about Madonna del Tufo. For tufo I could read the English "tufa" a kind of volcanic rock. It makes sense, because of the volcanic nature of the whole area. Lake Albano formed in the caldera of an extinct volcano and is a crater lake, hence its almost circular shape. The catacombs were created from tufa rock, so it extends northwards to Rome. I'd need to see a geological map to find out the total extent of it in that region. It's interesting. Then, there are the well-known volcanoes of southern Italy: Vesuvius, Etna and the fascinating Stromboli [constantly active].The whole area is volatile.
    And.....what a serene photo of Papa, praying in peace in that little chapel! Peace is what he needs the whole summer.
    Love, Peace, Choy!
    Mary x [SM=g27811]

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    sorry sisters about the german information, but thank god you have good [SM=g27811] translaters!


    Einfach nur der Georg


    Da steht er also. Trägt die Soutane, hält den Schirm, damit ihm der prasselnde Regen nichts anhaben kann und lächelt. Genau wie man ihn immer sieht, wenn er den Papst begleitet. Nur nennen ihn dort in Rom oder sonst wo auf der Welt die meisten Monsignore Gänswein und er ist der Sekretär von Benedikt XVI. In Riedern am Wald ist er für viele einfach "der Georg". Hier unterscheiden sich Rom und Riedern.

    Georg Gänswein ist wieder auf Besuch in der Heimat. Zwei Wochen hat ihm der Papst freigegeben, erzählt er am Schluss der Messe, die er in der vollen Kirche St. Leodegar in Riedern feiert. Ansonsten sagt er an diesem Sonntagvormittag nicht viel über sich. "Es geht mir gut, ich bin gesund. Und ich habe viel Arbeit." Herzliche Grüße von Benedikt kann er noch ausrichten: Der Papst hat sie ihm extra aufgetragen. Georg Gänswein predigt lieber über die Eucharistie. Er hätte das alles kompliziert und hochtrabend erklären können, schließlich hat er einen Doktor in Kirchenrecht und gilt als kluger Mann mit einem scharfen Intellekt. In Rom vor anderen Zuhörern hätte er es vielleicht getan - in Riedern nicht. Da bleibt er verständlich: Die Eucharistie sei - mit der richtigen Einstellung - Stärkung für die Christen im Leben.

    Wer also auf Erzählungen aus dem Inneren des Vatikans gehofft hatte, vielleicht sogar einen Einblick ins Innenleben seines Chefs, des Papstes, musste nach diesem Gottesdienst enttäuscht sein. Wer aber einfach nur Georg Gänswein treffen wollte, hatte sein Ziel erreicht. Er müsse sich Geduld abringen, hat er in einem Interview zu seinem 50. Geburtstag kürzlich Radio Vatikan gesagt. Nach dem Gottesdienst in Riedern merkt man davon nichts: Er schüttelt Hände, begrüßt die Menschen, die im Regen vor der Kirchentüre warten und lässt sich von einem italienischen Fotografen - man hört er komme von der "La Stampa" - in Position bringen. Dabei übersetzt Gänswein die italienischen Anweisungen ins Alemannische, denn auch die Umstehenden dürfen modeln.

    Eine davon ist Heidemarie Ebi aus Aichen aber gebürtig aus Riedern. Und eine Schulkameradin von "Georg". Sie erzählt dass sie ihre Tochter Martina extra mit den Ministranten aus Aichen nach Rom geschickt habe, damit sie ihn dort trifft. "Und jetzt bist du hier." Locker war die Predigt, schön, "einfach und schlicht", sagt sie. Das ein Papstsekretär aus dem Kreis Waldshut komme, ist "gigantisch": "So etwas erleben wir hier nicht mehr."




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    Thanks, Benedetto-fan. I'll post an English translation in PEOPLE AROUND THE POPE. How welcome to see
    (and read about) GG as Mass celebrant and preacher, for a change.

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