Rory Gallagher Memorial

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00Friday, April 14, 2006 4:39 PM
Dia Duit to everyone,
this is my first post in this forum (I'm from Rome) and it is dedicated to Rory Gallagher, a reference for all musicians whether in Ireland or not.
Thanks Rory! Thanks Don!

slan agat

Form the official Rory's website

Received 04/14/2006 1311
Rory Memorial in Dublin

This courtesy of The Irish Independent at
(with thanks to Del):

A MEMORIAL to legendary rock and blues musician Rory Gallagher has been given the green light by Dublin City Council.

A life-size bronze replica of Gallagher's famous paint-stripped Fender stratocaster guitar is to be erected on a wall in Temple Bar in honour of the famous Donegal-born musician.

The city council has decided to grant planning permission following a two-year planning wrangle.
The street where the archive is located has been officially renamed Rory Gallagher Corner and the building bears the street name.
The building is owned by Temple Bar Properties but is leased by the OPW to the National Photographic Archive, which is part of the National Library.
Concerns by the National Library that the site may become a shrine to Gallagher with fans drawing graffiti on the gable wall were dismissed by the project promoter Mark Walsh.
Mr Walsh lodged the planning application at the end of October on behalf of Dublin's music equipment stores and has just been informed that permission has been granted.

"Rory was our first international rock star who paved the way for Thin Lizzy and U2. He is still highly respected internationally and the Fender strat guitar was his trademark," he said yesterday.

Donal Gallagher, Rory's only brother and his former manager, said he was very happy at the city council decision and that he would support the project in any way he could.

In its decision the council said the bronze guitar would be fixed to the wall below the existing Rory Gallagher Corner place name.

The planning application contained detailed sketches of the monument.

The giant Fender corporation has agreed to bankroll the cost of the bronze monument along with the city's music equipment stores.

Rory Gallager is regarded by many as the greatest ever electric blues guitarist and his music has attracted a legion of new young fans.

An anthology of Gallagher's music released last year went plantinum in many countries. The cover of the CD features the guitar which will be replicated at the Temple Bar monument. Gallagher died in 1995 after contracting a virus following a liver transplant. He is buried in Cork wHere he grew up.

A bronze statue of Dublin rock star Phil Lynott off Grafton St has become a magnet for his many fans.

00Friday, April 14, 2006 4:49 PM
Didnt know this...Hopefully this will attract many more musicians to Dublin! [SM=g27811]
00Friday, April 14, 2006 5:06 PM
Hi Sham,
neither me since half an hour ago, well I knew about a Rory Gallagher corner in temple bar ( close to meeting house square!
have you ever had chance to listen to Rory's music? Do you like it? (curiosity)
apart from being a great musician he was a great man!

00Thursday, May 4, 2006 5:48 PM
I dont know Rory very well I have to say,but for you LINO and all his fans,here is an event you can't miss:

[SM=x145443] [SM=x145442] [SM=x145438]
1-4 JUNE
BALLYSHANNON CO. DONEGAL (lovely village where the star was born)

tel. 071 9858180

Ballyshannon the birthplace of Ireland's greatest Rock 'n Blues Guitarist - Rory Gallagher again stages this Festival for the Fourth occasion with thousands of Rory's fans from all over the World set to attend. ~ It will feature:

Main Headliners 2006 Country
- SINNERBOY - (England)
- PAUL ROSE BAND - (England)
- THE LOOP - (Germany)
- PAT McMANUS BAND (ex. Mamas Boys) - (Ireland)
- RIKIROCK - (Italy)
- REMEMBER RORY - (Germany)
- SEAMIE O'DOWD BAND - (Ireland)
- BRUSH SHIELS & HIS SKID ROW BAND (We are delighted to introduce one of the legends of Irish Rock Music and the person who is responsible for finding the talent of Phil Lynott)

- (Ireland)
Also Featuring
- TO YOUR TASTE - (N. Ireland)
- SHADOW PLAY RORY - (England)
- DAVE McHUGH BAND - (Ireland)
- PETER PRICE - Blues Performer - (England)
- CALLING CARD - (Ireland)
- DOUBLE VISION - (Ireland)
- PURE INSTINCT - (England)

With up and coming irish acts
- SECTION 3 - (Ireland)
- MOONCHILD - (Ireland)
- THE DEANS - (Ireland)
00Friday, May 5, 2006 3:01 PM
Sham, YOU'RE A STAR [SM=x145468]

I really wish I could go but I'm supposed to finish my thesis before the 9th of june...I think I'll be in Ireland not before th 29th of june, well I'll try to find out if they broadcast or stream something about the festival on the net,

well if anyone will attend the 3 days festival please tell us 'bout it...

Thanks a lot again Sham!


00Saturday, June 17, 2006 1:55 AM

Scritto da: Shamrock80 04/05/2006 17.48


What a wonderful and original name for a rock band [SM=g27811]
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