Ronnie Drew Video in Howth

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Il Guelfo
00Saturday, September 16, 2006 3:12 AM
Hey folks,

I haven't passed by in a while. I must apologise.

I am writing you while taking a Grande so you must excuse me. [SM=x145439]

One of the most distinctive voices in the world is just a click away.

I thought you might like this link

it's Ronnie Drew the ultimate Dublin Man, Singer with the Dubliners and Living Legend. Two of their members died over 20 years ago, so he's priceless.

Angelina and I saw him live in the Gaiety two weeks ago, Singing and Telling stories, very funny guy.

When he's gone Dublin will have lost a true character so I suggest you watch the video and try and catch the Legends of Folk show when you can.

There's a saying here, "As Dublin as Ronnie Drew's Bollox" and that sums it up really.

Ronnie and the rest of the Dubliners have consumed so much alcohol over their careers that even if they were to drink nothing but water for the next year they would still be clinically drunk in 12 months time.


p.s just spent a lovely time in Croatia and Italy. Reading a great book about the history of Rome called Rubicon. Oh and drop by and say hi at my site all my Italian friends.

il Guelfo

00Saturday, September 16, 2006 10:33 AM
..non c'ho capito niente ma.....bravo guelfo [SM=g27811] [SM=x145427]
00Tuesday, September 19, 2006 12:15 AM
Hiya there Guelfo!

Jaysus... I got to thank you for the youtube video I have really appreciated! I used to listen to Mr.Drew and The Dubliners years ago in my early days of discovery and passion for Irish music and got hooked since! [SM=g27811] That explains why it's so brilliant to me to have the chance to watch that video. Thank you for sharing! [SM=g27823]

Ciao and all the very best to you!
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