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patch 1.2

Last Update: 4/28/2007 1:54 PM
4/10/2007 3:39 PM
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lista bugs della 1.2 non ufficiale
High Priority
Battle map
Passive ai in certain siege situations.
Fps drop in sieges when viewing large settlements from certain battles, appears to be a memory leak issue
Ai reinforcements being issued orders but not moving and joining battle

Campaign Map
Autocalculated siege battles weighted in favour of attacked and do not seem to take into account settlement defenses.

Medium Priority
Battle map
Still some issues with unit cohesion and front rank only charging.
Still some issues with cav chasing routers.
If battle happens on steep mountain tile on campaign map armies can be deployed in inacessible places.
Ballista towers shoot cannonballs, and canon towers shoot ballistas.
Some problems with only a few soldiers in missile units shooting when on walls.
Can be difficult to deploy soldiers in settlements during siege battles, and pathfinding issues.
Missile units will complete reload animation before running away in skirmish mode
Rebalance needed of units stats in light of the shield bug being fixed. 2 handed sword units, JHI, Halberd units are now underpowered.
Cavalry try to attack other soldiers head on in melee despite the fact they cannot attack from the front with swords. They should angle to the left of the other soldier so they can attack.

Campaign Map
When recruiting mercs, money is deducted from treasury when adding mercs tot he recruitment list, instead of when pressing the hire merc button.
Ai will sometimes attack rebel settlements with too few troops early on
Ships can sail in and out of blockaded ports(debatable bug due to what happened in history)
Flash food cause permanent corruption to regions preveting the construction of forts/watchtowers and reducing movement rate. Should just be temporary
Still some bugs with VnV triggers, missing triggers, errors in triggers etc.
Generals pick up the ignorant, pervert, and machine technophobe traits too easily.

Low Priority
Battle map
Some buildings can be passed through.
Sometimes units will not deploy in the formation you dragged them out into when you run them to their position.

Campaign Map
Wooden castle and tourney fields mention free upkeep units, yet castles cannot produce free upkeep units


Graphical/Sound Bugs
When Aztec cities/castles get upgraded to a certain level they end up with Muslim architechture on the battlemap
Venetian Heavy Infantry and Venetian Archer upgraded armour models are wrong, soldier should look like the heavy billmen upgraded armour soldier but wear brigadine armour instead.
Some problems with Latinkon upgraded armour(vertex weighing appears to messed up in some places)
Free Company Men-At-Arms refer to themselves as heavy cav when clicked when they are heavy infantry
Armenian Cav refer to themselves as lightcav when they are heavy cav


brutto è sto fatto del calo degli fps negli assedi, mi ricorda il bug della 1.0. pare pero' che non succede a tutti.

c'è da poi da ribilanciare un po di stats, ora che pare siano stati corretti i bugs precendenti.

fastidiosi sono poi secondo me gli errori ancora presenti nell'autocalcolo degli assedi, specialmente per chi ha pc poco potenti, che assommati al calo degli fps detto prima, potrebbero essere un bel problemone.

ancora problemini con l'inseguimento delle truppe in fuga.

insomma.... speriamo che quella ufficiale non sia questa.

ciau. [SM=x1140410]
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