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3/24/2007 8:15 PM
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Da un mensile tedesco (gamestar) emergono le prime notizie sulla prossima espansione di Medieval2!!! Qualcuno ha pubblicato sul forum ufficiale queste info, e sembra che cio sia vero sebbere siano news non uffficiali.LINK

The Addon will contain 4 Campaigns:

Britain: With England, Wales, Scottland,Norway, Ireland.

Crusade: Two Alliances vs. Each other: Jerusalem + Antiochia vs Egypt, Byzans,Turks and all together vs. Mongols

New World: Azteks, Maya, Apache,Tarasken, Chichimeken, Tlaxkalteken and Spanish Settlers under Cortes

East Europe: With German Knights, Poland, Litauen, Danmark, Nowogrod

Sorry for the bad spelling....but i am reading and trying to remember the english translation ;)!

It is done to 70% and will apear in the 2nd quater of this year!

- They also added "Special abilities" for the historical persons in the 4 campaigns: Richard I. can collect fleeing troups, Emperor Manuel of Byzanz can "confuse" enemy units, that they hit themself.
- The campaings have different targets and a different way of playing it. In the Eastern, the religion plays a big role (because of unrest and unit development -> u can only build teutonic knights in a catholic area) in the New world if you play the spanish have only few Units and you have to look for alliances and trading routes.
- More units on a battlefield.
- You can build Forts with water around it.... keep their position and which you also can conquer and use for urself.
- More + Different Mission Targets: A noble man apears and asks for your help in a combat. If you are successfull, your reward will depend to how you won (how many you killed).
- In the Britain Szenario you can make as enemy of England an alliance with renegate(?) english aristocrats. They ask for your help, to conquer a town. If you give them the town after the victory, they will found a new anti-english fraction "Allianz der Barone"!

Da cio che ce scritto promette davvero bene, soprattutto per le 4 campagne e le abilita speciali!!
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