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11/27/2005 7:52 AM
Even if it is German, check out the video clips on the br-online link willow provided. I particularly like the 4-minutes-plus clip showing Ratzi as Archbishop. It includes an excerpt from his homily at his consecration - that's how he sounded when he was 50 years young! - and a short sequence of him confirming some kids.

I saw this clip first on the Russian site
where they have assembled some 7 short video clips (download-able)about Ratzi from various sources. The other clip I particularly enjoyed on that site was taken at one of Ratzi's Angelus hours at Les Combes - a sequence taken while he is greeting sick and handicapped pilgrims, and he does everything -kisses babies and children and signs anumber of autographs even.

The Les Combes site had many events of that vacation
on line but I was having problems with Real Player at the time, so I could not get to see them. Maybe it's time I went back...

As for the Catholic Press Photo link, it's really worth visiting if only to print out all the thumbnail pictures they have of Ratzi, and because they have shot probably the best "portrait" picture series (several of them over the years) of Ratzi as Cardinal. Danielle Levergne says it's easy to order the photos you like, and it seems it's not very expensive.
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