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Dead Man84
00venerdì 17 novembre 2006 16.13
Re: Re: Re:

Scritto da: Arnolfo Di Cambio 17/11/2006 16.12
si ma lui vorrebbe mettere come mosse normali il fisherman suplex e il BTB, che sono sempre state tra le mosse normali, almeno così ho capito

Beh, allora non saprei [SM=x54471]
Nicki michaels
00venerdì 17 novembre 2006 18.22
Re: Re:

Scritto da: Dead Man84 17/11/2006 15.52
Alcune finisher non possono essere inserite come normali mosse.

diamine! se considerano il fisherman supplex una only fnisher quelli della thq sono ridicoli!!!
Nicki Michaels
00venerdì 17 novembre 2006 19.28
Re: Re: Re:

Scritto da: Arnolfo Di Cambio 17/11/2006 16.12
si ma lui vorrebbe mettere come mosse normali il fisherman suplex e il BTB, che sono sempre state tra le mosse normali, almeno così ho capito

codici rules [SM=x54481]
Triple I
00domenica 26 novembre 2006 17.39
Finalmente le caws stanno iniziando a carburare, ne stanno scendo delle buone, ma i moveset mi pare che quest'anno siano molto trascurati.
Rilanciamo un po' questo topic, anche perchè è inutile che escono ottime caws dei Cryme Time e di Sabu quando poi non sai che mosse mettergli.

E' proprio da loro che inizio: si trovano già da qualche parte (su o su altri siti..) dei buoni moveset per Sabu e per i Cryme Time?
Nicki michaels
00lunedì 27 novembre 2006 13.59
mi aiutate??
Non riesco a trovare i baelly to back supplex di chris benoit!!
Nicki Michaels
Triple I
00giovedì 30 novembre 2006 13.15
Non so più come chiederlo: si trova un buon moveset per Sabu e per i Cryme Time??[IMG][/IMG]
cpt. charisma
00giovedì 30 novembre 2006 20.15

Scritto da: Triple I 30/11/2006 13.15
Non so più come chiederlo: si trova un buon moveset per Sabu e per i Cryme Time??[IMG][/IMG]

prova cn qst x jtg:
ring in: Jumping 1
ring out: normal
taunts: taunt wizard, taunt kurt angle 3, taunt sideburns 1, taunt exercise 2
fighting stance: FP wrestling 2

strike attacks: front dropkick 1, toe kick 1, snap jab, shuffle side kick 1, dropkick 2, body punch
grapple moves: quick: leg trip, arm drag 2, snapmare 2, back chop 5
submission: arm wrench, hammer lock, head lock, armbar 2, arm wrench 2
category 1: power
moves 1: power: lift up, clothesline 22, powerbomb 5, spinebuster 1, powerslam 4
clean: oklahoma, smallpackage 1, armdrag leg drop, side slam 1, DDT 13
dirty: DDT, low blow 5, eye rake 2, low blow 2, Triple H choke
category 2: Tecnical
moves 2: Tecnical: suplex 1, jumping armbreaker, belly to belly 3, double arm suplex 1, sideslam1
grapple from behind: Edge o' matic 1, german suplex 4, back suplex 6, sleeper hold 4
top of cell attack: downward thrust x2

strike attacks: angry stomp, elbow drop 12, fist drop 2
grapple moves: sleeper hold 5, triangle hold, abdominal stretch 3, leg lock 3, punch to groin, kick to groin

strike attacks: shining wizard 2, Clothesline and bulldog, knee attack 1
grapple moves: diamond dust, armdrag 6, super armbar takedown, knee strike
grapple from behind: deadly dog, super back suplex, neckbreaker 12, tie to tree of woe
sitting corner grapple: mudhole stomping

groggy on ropes: drop out
rebound attack: clothesline 14, lionsault, vaulting body press 2
diving out of ring attack: shooting star press 2

diving attack with standing opponent: flying clothesline 2 , double axe handle 3
diving attack with downed opponent: shooting star press 1, rolling thunder 1, diving elbow drop

running stikes: shoulder block 1, clothesline 14
grapple from behind: bulldog 4, school boy pin 1
crouching attack: senton, running leg drop
counter attack: powerslam 1, back body drop

standing: death drop 3, dropckick and rolling clutch, double suplex, double clothesline
corner: death drop 1, double arm whip, double stomping, falling powerbomb

finishers: lift and cutter, widow maker
signature moves: your choice
chair finishers: chair DDT x2
combination attacks: triple H punches 1(inverted), Undertaker punches 1 (inverted), Outlaw punches 1(inverted)

qst è x shad:

Shad Gaspard Moveset

by SR-FTW, StevieRichardsFTW, OGWilson, SniperFromHell, etc (all same person, different aliases)

|[SM=x54486]tandard Actions:|
Ring-In: Slide In or Mr. McMahon, your choice.
Ring-Out: Over The Rope or Normal, your choice.
Taunts: Wake Up 2, Hold Up 2, Get Up, Taunt Nod
Fighting Stance: FP Wrestling 1

Strike Attacks: Big Boot 1, Toe Kick 1, Strong Right Punch, Clothesline 3, Johnson Shuffle (Money Dance + Punch), Heavy Combo 1

Grapple Moves:

Quick: Back Club, Body Knee Strike, Shoulder Thrust, Arm Wrench 3

Submission: [Arm Wrench] Bear Hug, Chin Lock, Hammer Lock, Armbar 2

Category 1: Power
Moves 1(Power): [Oklahoma] Batista Lifting and Toss, Scoop Slam 1, Spinebuster 2, Flapjack 1 (replaces the dash counter flapjack, had to make room for sidewalk slam.)

Clean: [Samoan Drop 2] Suplex 7, Hip Toss 1, Side Slam 1, Scoop Slam 4

Dirty: [Powerbomb] Reverse Atomic Drop, Eye Rake 1, Head Pound, Triple H Choke

Category 2: Power
Moves 2(Power): [Lift Up] Back Side Slam 1, Powerslam 4, Free Fall Drop, Side Slam 1

Grapple From Behind: Back Side Slam 2, Back suplex 4, Forearm Smash, Sidewalk Slam 4

Top of Cell: Downward Thrust X2

|:Ground Moves:|
Strke Attacks: Booker T Stomp, Double Axe Handle 4, Elbow Drop 1

Grapple Moves: (U) Arm Lock 2, Reverse Chin Lock 1, Powerful Raise (L) Stretch Muffler, Knee Smash, Stomp On Leg

Strike Attacks: Turnbuckle Clothesline 2, Running Shoulder Attack 1, Knee Attack

Grapple Moves: Turnbuckle Body Strike, Toss to Turnbuckle, Foot Choke 1, Knee Strike

Grapple From Behind: Toss Into Ring Post, Forearm to Back, Neckbreaker 12, Rebound Suplex

Sitting Corner Grapple: Stomping Mudhole

Groggy on Ropes: Big Boot 3 (one variation of his boot)

Rebound Attack: Clothesline 16, Elbow Drop 5, Vaulting body Press 2

Diving Out of Ring Attack: Baseball Slide 1

vs Standing Opponent: Double Axe Handle 3, Flying Clothesline 2

vs Downed Opponent: Diving Fist Drop, Knee Drop 1, Diving Elbow Drop.

Running Strike: Yakuza Kick (This'll be another variation of his Boot), Shoulder Block 1

Running Grapple: Spear 2, Neckbreaker and Punch (I've seen him do this in OVW against CM Punk, but change it if you want)

Grapple From Behind: German Suplex 6, Chop Block (change these if you want, couldnt find anything else that fit him)

Crouching Attack: Elbow Drop 5, Double Axe Handle 5

Counter Attack: Back Body Drop, Sidewalk Slam 5 (did it in OVW, replaces flapjack)

|:TAG TEAM:| (These moves based on ones he did with JTG, although he many not be in the right position when doing them)

Standing Tag Team: Double Beat Head, Double Suplex, Combo Cutter, Double Facecrusher

Corner Tag Team: Calf Kick and Tiger Suplex, Death Device, Spine and Neckbreaker (Samoan Drop/Neckbreaker), Play Leapfrog Attack (Leapfrog Armbreaker)

Finishers: Belly to Back, Big Boot 2 (Finisher Boot, the same one Test does)

Signature Moves: Big Boot 3, Johnson Shuffle, Yakuza Kick

Chair Finishers: Chair DDT X2

Combination Attack: Outlaw Punches 1, Outlaw Punches 1, Johnson Shuffle

x sabu n ho trovato niente [SM=x54480] [SM=x54480]
Triple I
00giovedì 30 novembre 2006 23.20
Grazie mille per i moveset dei Cryme Time [SM=x54480]

Ragazzi iniziamo a curare anche questo topic perchè è inutile che escono delle buone caws se poi non sai che mosse mettergli
00venerdì 1 dicembre 2006 17.31
Raga c'è un moveset su Tatanka ?Ho creato la sua caw ma non so che mosse mettergli voi che mi consigliate come finisher?
Gordon Freeman85
00domenica 10 dicembre 2006 16.45
Ci sono degli Update dei Moveset per i Wrestler? Per esempio HHH O Ken Kennedy? Inoltre dove posso trovare una lista delle Finisher da mettere ai vari Wrestler?
al 88
00domenica 10 dicembre 2006 16.56
x sabu (classe heavyweight) ho usato questa è valutata 7.8

Standard Actions:
Ring-In- Slide In
Ring-Out- Quick
Taunts- Sit down, Taunt Extreme 4, Cut the air, Taunt Spirit
Fighting Stance- RVD

Strike Attacks- Elbow Smash 1, Dragon Whip 1, Dropkick to Knee 2, Dropkick 1, Enzuiguri, Buzzsaw Punches

Grapple Moves:
Quick- Armdrag 2, Sweep 3, Snapmare 2, Leg Whip

Submission-R3 Samoandrop 2, armbar 1, Abdominal stretch 1, Sleeper hold, Headlock

Clean-R3 Suplex 2, DDT 13, Scoop slam 4, Neckbreaker 5, Hiptoss 1

Dirty-R3 Oklahoma, Reverse Atomic Drop, Jawbreaker 1, Forehead Bite 1, Head Pound

Category 1 Old School
Moves 1- R3 Piledriver, Armdrag Legdrop, Hurracanrana 6, Suplex 7, Small Package 1

Category 2 Technical
Moves 2: R3 Powerbomb, Northern Lights Suplex 1, Step Up Enzuiguri, German Suplex 1, Hurracanrana 4

Grapple from behind:DDT 18, Octopus stretch 2, German Suplex Pin 1, Throw back

Top of Cell Attack: Downward Thrust, Downward Thrust

Strike Attacks- Angry Stomp, Fist drop 2, Elbow drop 1
Grapple Moves- Handspring Splash, Slingshot elobw drop, furry puch 7
Lower Body- Tope Atomico, Leg Drop 1, Toss 2

Strike Attacks- Shining Wizard 2, Clothesline & Bulldog, Turnbuckle Dropkick
Grapple Moves- Back Elbow, Whisper in the Wind, Triangle Dropkick, Super Hurracanrana
Grapple from behind- Illegal Pin, Rolling Powerbomb, Spider Suplex, Neckbreaker 12
Sitting Corner Grapple- Running Knee Strike 2

Groogy on ropes- Handspring Back Elbow
Rebound attack- Lionsault, Springboard Legdrop
Out of Ring attack- Moonsault Attack
Diving out of ring attack- High Flying Body Press

Diving Attack vs Standing Opp- Over Castle, Diving Clothesline
Diving Attack vs Down Opp- Diving Legdrop, Leap of Faith, Superstar Press Pin

Running Strikes- Clothesline 9, Flying Forearm Smash 1
Running Grapple- Hurracanrana 9, Bulldog 6
Grapple from behind- Neckbreaker 9, Schoolboy Roll up
Crouching Attack- Flying Senton, Dropkick to Knee 3
Counter Attack- powerslam 1, counter dropkick

Tag Team:
Standing Tag Team- Double Dropkick, Extreme legdrop 2, Shinig Wizard, Double Flapjack
Corner Tag Team- Extreme legdrop 1, High angle Superplex, Leap Frog Attack, Whip & Lay down

Finishers- Diving Moonsault 3, Camel Clutch 2
Signature Moves- Diving Legdrop(substituted for Arabian Face buster), High Flying Body Press, Vandaminator
Chair Finishers- Chair DDT, Vandaminator
Combination Attack- Benoit Punches, Back Chop 3, Dragon Whip 1 (reversed)

Gordon Freeman85
00domenica 10 dicembre 2006 18.18
Per Ken Kennedy invece nulla? Ho messo a posto il Moveset di Edge Batista e Matt Hardy ma il suo no nlo trovo
00domenica 10 dicembre 2006 19.19
gordon spero ti bastino [SM=x54472]

In-Game Superstars

Batista: Batista Bomb, Suplex Pin (Jackhammer)
Big Show: Show Stopper, Backbreaker 2 (Big Sleep)
Bobby Lashley: Lashley Spear, Dominator
The Boobeyman: Boogeyslam, Pumphandle Slam
Booker T: Booker T Special, Book End
Carlito: Backcracker, Cool Shot OR Lionsault Pin
Chavo Guerrero: Gory Bomb 1, Frog Splash Pin 2
Chris Benoit: Crippler Crossface, Diving Headbutt
Chris Master: The Masterlock x2
Daivari: Camel Clutch 1, DDT 13
Edge: Spear 5, Edgecution OR Code of Scilence (Edgecution)
Finlay: Celtic Cross x2
The Great Khali: Brain Chop x2
Gregory Helms: Neckbreaker 8 (Nightmare on Helms Street), Shining Wizard 3
Hardcore Holly: Alabama Slam x2
JBL: JBL Powerbomb, Clothesline From Hell
Joey Mercury: Double Arm DDT, Neckbreaker 3 (Virginia Necktie)
John Cena: F-U 2, STF-U
Johnny Nitro: Corkscrew Body Pin, Super Kick
Kane: Chokeslam 4 x2
Ken Kennedy: Green Bay Plunge, Swanton Bomb 1 (Kenton Bomb)
Kid Kash: Dead Level, Lionsault Pin
Kurt Angle: Ankle Lock 3, Angle Lock 2
Lance Cade: Clothesline 9/17, Diving Elbow Drop Pin 2
Mark Henry: Big Slpash Pin, Falling Powerslam (World's Strongest Slam)
Matt Hardy: Twist of Fate 1, Twist of Fate 2
Mick Foley: Double Arm DDT, Mandible Claw 1
Paul Birchill: Calf Stomp (Curb Stomp), Flip Bottom (Walking the Plank)
Psicosis: Diving Leg Drop x2
Randy Orton: RKO, Super RKO
Rey Mysterio: The 619, Frog Splash Pin 2
"Nature Boy" Ric Flair: Figure-4 Leg Lock 1 x2
Rob Van Dam: Five-Star Frog Splash x2
"HBK" Shawn Michaels: Sweet Chin Music 1, Sweet Chin Music 2
Shelton Benjamin: Powerslam 3 (T-Bone), Super Kick
Snitsky: Big Boot 2, Pumphandle Slam (Egoist Schwein) OR Swing Bottom (Faultless Finish)
Super Crazy: Diving Moonsault 2, Flip Bottom OR Lionsault
Trevor Murdich: DDT 14, Bulldog 1
Triple H: Pedigree 1, Pedigree 2
Umaga: Samoan Spike, Money Shot Pin (Wild Samoan Splash)
The Undertaker: Tombstone Piledriver Pin, The Last Ride
Viscera: Big Splash Pin (Viscera Drop), Chokeslam 2 (Embalmer)
Vito: [any 2] Armbar 6 (Kimara), Code of Scilence (Skull Crusher), Double Arm DDT (the real Code of Scilence)
Willam Regal: Power of the Punch, STF (Regal Stretch)

Candice Michelle: Figure Four Neck Lock (Candylisious), Full Nelson Face Buster (Sugar Rush)
Jillian Hall: Jillian Elbow Drop x2
Lita: Diving Moonsault 3 (Litasault), Lita DDT
Melina: Facecrusher 2 x2
Mickie James: DDT 3/5 OR Lucha DDT (Mickie-T), Chick Kick (Mick Kick)
Torrie Wilson: Facebuster 3 (Nosejob), DDT 5
Trish Stratus: Chick Kick, Stratusfaction

Bam Bam Bigelow: Fire Thunder (Greetings from Asbury Park), Diving Headbutt (Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma'am)
Bret Hart: Sharpshooter, Piledriver 2
Cactus Jack: Piledriver 1, Double Arm DDT
Dude Love: Piledriver 1, Double Arm DDT
Dusty Rhodes: Elbow Drop 7 (American Elbow), Piledriver 2
Eddie Guerrero: Frog Splash Pin 2, El Paso
"The Immortal" Hulk Hogan: Atomic Leg Drop 1, Finishing Leg Drop
Jerry "The King" Lawler: Diving Fist Drop, Piledriver 2
Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart: Sambo Suplex (Anvil Flattener), Cobra Clutch 2 (Anvilizer)
Mankind: Mandible Claw 2, Double Arm DDT
"Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig: Fisherman Suplex Pin (Perfect Plex), DDT 7 (Perfect DDT)
The Rock: Rock Bottom, The People's Elbow
"Rowdy" Roddy Piper: Sleeper Hold 4, Sleeper Hold 5
"Shane O'Mac" Shane McMahon: Combination 2 (Shane Combo), Leap of Faith
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin: Stunner 1 (Stone Cold Stunner), Stunner 3 (Stone Cold Stunner)
Tazz: Ground Tazzmission, Back Tazzmission 2



RAW Roster
Charlie Haas: Lock of Pain (Haas of Pain), DDT 6 (Haastile Takeover)
Cryme Tyme:
o JTB: Neckbreaker 11 (his part of G9) x2
o Shad Gaspard: Big Boot 2, Big Boot 3
Eugene: Nephew's Elbow, Stunner 4
Jeff Hardy: Swanton Bomb 2, Twist of Fate 2
"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan: Clothesline from Hell x2
Maria: Bulldog 4 x2
Rob Conway: Super Neckbreaker Pin (Ego Trip), Diving Elbow Drop Pin 2 (Ego Elbow Drop)
Spirit Squad:
o Johnny: Dragon Whip 2 (Johnny-Go-Round), Super Kick OR Diving Moonsault 1
o Kenny: Diving Leg Drop (Spirit Crash), Neckbreaker 1
o Mikey: Swanton Bomb 1, Facebuster 1 OR Bulldog 1
o Mitch: Clothesline 11, Clothesline 10
o Nikey: Diving Moonsault 1, Electric Chair Drop
The Highlanders:
o Robbie McAlister: Pedigree 2 (Scot Crusher), Tigerbomb 3
o Rory McAlister: Slingshot Suplex (Hot Scot Slingshot), Backbreaker 8
Val Venis: The Money Shot Pin, Leg Lock 4 (Venis Fly Trap)
Victoria: Widow's Peak, Sidewalk Slam 3 (Spider's Web)

SmackDown! Roster
Ashley Massaro: Diving Cross Body Pin 1, Double Axe Handle ?
Brian "Spanky" Kendrick: Ninja (Sliced Bread #2), Super Kick
Dave Taylor: Double Arm Suplex 2 (British-Plex) x2
Funaki: Lucha DDT (Rising Sun), Bulldog 5
Idol Stevens: Neckbreaker 3 (Idolizer), Neckbreaker 8 (Idolizer)
Jamie Noble: Tigerbomb 3, Dragon Sleeper 3
Jimmy Wang Yang: Corkscrew Body Pin (Yang Time), French Bomb
K.C. James: Spinebuster 1 x2
Kristal Marshall: DDT 17 (Kristal Krash), Mat Slam (Krystal Klear)
Layla El: CLothesline ? x2
Michelle McCool: Backbreaker 2, Spear 2
Mike "The Miz" Mizanin: DDT 17 (The Mizard of Oz) x2
Montel Vontavious Porter: Overdrive, Super Star Press Pin
Paul London: 450 Splash Pin OR Shooting Star Press 1, Super Kick
Queen Sharmell: Springboard Back Elbow (Sharmelbow), Booker T Special OR Scoop Slam 4
Scotty 2 Hotty: The Worm x2
Sylvan: Dead Level (Quebec DDT), Back Drop Bottom
Tatanka: Swing Bottom (Wykea Slam), Brain Chop (Tamahawk Chop)

ECW Roster
Ariel: STO ?, Unprettier (Unprettier from Hell)
Al Snow: Northern Lights Driver (Snow Plow), Diving Moonsault 1
Balls Mahoney: French Bomb (Nutckraker Suite) x2
Brad Armstrong: Russian Leg Sweep 1/2 (Armstrong Leg Sweep) x2
Christopher W. Anderson: Spinebuster 2 (Anderson Spinebuster) x2
CM Punk: Sleeper Hold 5 (Anaconda Vice), Shinig Wizard 3 OR Sambo Suplex (Ura-nage)
Danny Doring: Double Arm DDT (Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma'am), Cutter (Pearl Necklace)
Doug Basham: Cross Armbreaker (Basham Lock), Piledriver 2 (Machine Driver)
Elijah Burke: Full Nelson Face Buster (Elijah Experience) x2
o Little Guido Maritato: Fameasser (Sicilian Dropper), Unprettier (Kiss Of Death)
o Tony Mamaluke: Dragon Sleeper 3 (Dragon Panzer), Unprettier (Sicilian Slice)
o Trinity: Diving Moonsault 1 (Fall from Grace), Super Kick (Graceful Kick)
Gangrel: Edgecution (Impailer DDT) x2
Jazz: [any 2] DDT 7, STF, Facecrusher 1 OR Facebuster 3 (Jazz Stinger)
Kelly Kelly: School Boy Pin ? x2
Kevin Thorn: Powerbomb 2 (Crucifixion), Super RKO (Dark Stunner)
Matt Striker: Overdrive, Backcracker (Lungblower)
Mike Knox: Complete Shot (Knox Out) x2
Rene Dupree: French Bomb (Dupree Bomb) x2
Rodney Mack: Black Out Hold (Blackout), Tigerbomb 1 (Mackintosh Bomb)
Sabu: Camel Clutch 1 (Arabian Clutch), Lionsault (Triple Jump Moonsault)
The Sandman: Russian Leg Sweep 1/2 (White Russian Legsweep), Swanton Bomb 1 (Rolling Rock) OR Super Hurricanrana (Heineken-rana)
Shannon Moore: Rolling Thunder 1 (Halo), Over Castle (Mooregasm) OR Fameasser (Bottom's Up)
Stevie Richards: Super Kick (Stevie Kick), Double Arm DDT (Stevie-T)
Sylvester Terkay: Armbar 4, Pump Up Buster
Test: Neckbreaker 1 (Testdrive), Big Boot 2
Tommy Dreamer: DDT 14 (Dreamer DDT), F-U 1 (Dreamer Driver)

Legends & Hall of Famers
Andre the Giant: Elbow Drop 7, Neck Lock Suplex OR Big Splash Pin
Antonino Rocca: Torture Rack (Argentine Backbreaker) x2
Arn Anderson: Spinebuster 2, DDT 14
"Superstar" Billy Graham: Bearhug x2
Blackjack Lanza: Iron Claw (The Claw) x2
"Cowboy" Bob Orton: Superplex ? x2
Bobo Brazil: Headbutt 2 (Coco Headbutt) x2
Brian Pillman: Flying Clothesline 3 (Air Pillman) x2
Brooklyn Brawler: Neckbreaker 6 (Brooklyn Brawler Breaker) x2
"Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers: Figure-4 Leg Lock 2 (Figure-4 Grapevine) x2
Chavo Guerrero Sr.: Diving Moonsault Pin 1, German Suplex 4
Chief Jay Strongbow: Brain Chop (Tamahawk Chop), Deathlock (Indian Deathlock)
"British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith: Suplex to Front Slsm, Powerslam Pin
Dean Malenko: Clover Leaf (Texas Cloverleaf), Tigerbomb 2
Don Muraco: Tombstone Piledriver 2 (Hawaiian Piledriver), Shoulder Breaker
Greg "The Hammer" Valentine: Figure-4 Leg Lock 2 x2
Hillbilly Jim: Atomic Leg Drop 2, Big Boot 3
The Iron Sheik: Camel Clutch 1 x2
Ivan Putski: Bearhug x2
Jesse "The Body" Ventura: Backbreaker 4 (Body Breaker)
Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka: Superfly, Samoan Special
Junkyard Dog: THUMP, Dogbutt (Junkyard Dog Headbutts)
Kamala: Big Splash Pin (Ugandan Splash), Money Shot Pin (Air Africa)
Killer Kowalski: Iron Claw (Kowalski Claw) x2
Legion of Doom:
o Roadwarrior Animal: Suplex to Front Slam, Powerslam Pin
o Roadwarrior Hawk: Flying Clothesline 2, Neckbreaker 6
Lou Thesz: Back Suplex ? (Greco-Roman Backdrop), STF
Mike Rotunda (Irwin R. Schyster): Clothesline 9 (Write-Off), STF (Tax Penalty)
Nikolai Volkoff: Bearhug (Russian Bearhug), Backbreaker 1 (Russian Backbreaker)
Owen Hart: Sharpshooter, Fire Thunder (Hart Driver)
"Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff: Piledriver 2 x2
Pat Patterson: Sleeper Hold 4, Figure-4 Leg Lock 2
Pedro Morales: Boston Crab (Morales Lock) x2
Rick Rude: Neckbreaker 6 (Rude Awakening) x2
Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat: Diving Cross Body Pin 2 x2
Sgt. Slaughter: Cobra Clutch 1 x2
Ted DiBiase: Million $ Dream, Fist Drop 3 (Million $ Fist Drop)
Terry Funk: Piledriver 2 (Funk U), Stunner 4
Tito Santana: Flying Forearm Smash ?, Figure-4 Leg Lock 2
Ultimate Warrior: Clothesline Combo Pin x2
Vader: Powerbomb 5/6 (Vader Bomb), Diving Moonsault 1 (Vadersault)
Yokozuna: Rump Shaker (Banzai Drop), Finishing Leg Drop ("Hulkbuster" Leg Drop)

Other Talent/Crew
Afa Anoa'i, Jr.: Diving Headbutt (People's Headbutt), Book End (Storminator)
Christopher Nowinski: ? (Honor Roll), Full Nelson Face Buster (Harvard Buster)
Chuck Palumbo: Torture Rack (Meat Grinder), Super Kick (Whack!)
Claudio Castagnoli: Sit Down Power Bomb (Ricola Bomb), Sit Down Power Bomb (Ricola Bomb)
Darren Drozdov (Droz): Powerbomb 4/5/6 (New Jersey Naptime) x2
Eddie Colón: Figure-4 Leg Lock 2, Hurricanrana ?
Flash Funk: 450 Splash Pin (Funky Flash Splash), Shooting Star Press OR Super Kick
Gerald Brisco: Figure-4 Leg Lock 2 x2
Harry Smith: Dead Level, Sit Down Power Bom (Liger Bomb) OR Suplex to Front Slam
Henry O. Godwinn: DDT 17 (Slop Drop) x2
John Laurinaitis: Cutter (Ace Crusher), Fameasser (Ace Crusher II)
Marty Jannetty: Fameasser (Rocker Dropper), Super Kick
Michael Hayes: DDT 14 x2
Mike Bucci (Simon Dean): Judgement Slam (Simonizer), Calf Stomp (Curb Stomp)
Monty Brown: Running Shoulder Attack 2 (Pounce), Alabama Slam (Alpha Slam)
Ron Simmons: Dominator, Powerslam 4
Stephine McMahon: Fury Punch 4 (Slap), Pedigree 1
Steve Keirn: DDT 17 (Gatorbreaker) x2
T.J. Wilson: Over Castle (Rolling Stampede), Green Bay Plundge (Code Blue)
Vince McMahon: Stunner 2/4 (Mac Stunner), Atomic Leg Drop 1 OR People's Elbow (Corporate Elbow)

OVW Roster
Beth Phoenix: French Bomb (Down In Flames), Magnum Driver (Beth Valley Driver
Braddock: Powerbomb 4/5/6 (Amish Bomb), Money Shot Pin (Amish Slpash)
Boris Alexiev: Triangle Hold, Super Kick
Danny Basham: Chokeslam 2 (Brain Damage), DDT 17 (Darkness DDT)
Hign Flyers:
o Cody Runnels: Guillotine ? (Runnels Choke), German Suplex Pin 1
o Shawn Spears: F-U 1 x2
Jack Bull: The Last Ride (Bullseye Powerbomb) x2
Jacob Duncan: Cyclone 1 (T-3), Chokeslam 3
Josie: Spinebuster ? (Pop, Lock and Drop) x2
Katie Lea: Backbreaker 1/5/10, Edgecution (Katie DDT)
Mason Raige: F-U 1 (Outraige) x2
Mike Kruel: Neckbreaker 6 (Kruel Intentions) x2
Mr. Strongko: Back Tazzmission ?. Ground Tazzmission
ODB: Facebuster 3 (The Dirty Dozen) x2
Oleg Prudius: Torture Rack (Body Breaker), Suplex Pin (Russian Hammer)
Roni Jonah: Alabama Slam (Rockstar Slam) x2
Ryan Reeves: Suplex Pin (Silverback Attack), Belly to Belly 3
Serena: Spear ? (Serena Spear), Belly to Belly 4 (Serena Suplex)
Steven Lewington: Super Neckbreaker Pin (Side Winder Neckbreaker) x2
The Throwbacks:
o "Domino" Cliff Compton: ? (Domino Effect) x2
o Deuce Shade: Superfly (Twisting Superfly Splash), Neckbreaker 8 (Inverted Deuce's Wild)

DSW Roster
Angel Williams: Complete Shot (Angel STO), Unprettier (Divine Crusher)
Bradley Jay: Clothesline 9 x2
Daniel Rodimer: Full Nelson Slam 1/2 x2
o Jake: Tazzplex (Skull Suplex), Neckbreaker 4 (One-Man Cross Trainer)
o Jesse: T-Bone Suplex 1, Neckbreaker 4 (One-Man Cross Trainer)
Krissy Vaine: Chokeslam 2 (Special Attraction), Complete Shot (Facelift)
Melissa Coates: Torture Rack (Coates Rack) x2
Ray Gordy: German Suplex 4 (Glock Rocker), Swanton Bomb 1 (Geezy Drop)
Ryan O'Reilly: Complete Shot (Rough Shot), Suplex 6 (Roughhouse Delight)
Sonny Siaki: [any 2] Super Neckbreaker Pin (Siaki Drop), Neckbreaker 1 (Siakopolis), Backcracker
The Freakin' Deacon: Powerbomb 4/5/6 x2
Tommy Suede: Shooting Star Press 1, 450 Splash Pin

A-Train: Chokeslam 2 (Baldo Bomb), Train Wreck
Adam Bomb: Powerbomb 4/5/6 (Atom Smasher), Flying Clothesline 2 (Neutron Bomb)
Adrian Adonis: Sleeper Hold 4 (Good Night Irene), DDT ?
Ahmed Johnson: Tigerbomb 1 (Pearl River Plunge), Spinebuster ?
Big Bossman: Scrapbuster Pin (Boss Man Slam) x2
Brock Lesnar: Cyclone 2 (F-5), Cyclone 1 (F-5)
Chris Jericho: High Angle Boston Crab (Walls of Jericho), Lionsault Pin
Crash Holly: [any 2] LITA DDT (Crash DDT), Sratusfaction (Crash Attack), Landing Pin (Crash Landing), Celtic Cross (Crash Course)
Crush: ? (Cranium Crush) x2
o Ax: Neckbreaker ?, Diving Elbow Drop
o Crush: Backbreaker 1, Piledriver 2
o Smash: Backbreaker 1, Diving Elbow Drop
Eric Angle: Angle Slam 1/2 x2
The Godfather: F-U 1 (Pimp Drop), Soulderbreaker
Grand Master Sexay: Diving Leg Drop (Hip Hop Drop), Full Nelson Face Buster (Sexay Facebuster)
Heart Throbs:
o Antonio: STO ? (Heart Attack), Neckbreaker 1 (Promise Land)
o Romeo: STO ? (Heart Attack), Over Castle OR Backcracker
Heidenreich: Scrapbuster Pin, Shoulderbreaker (Power Dunk)
Jacqueline: DDT 14, DDT 5 OR Lucha DDT
Justin Credible: Superkick, Code of Scilence (That's Incredible)
Mark Jindrak: Back Drop Bottom (Mark of Excellence), Flying Clothesline 3
Muhammad Hassan: Complete Shot, Camel Clutch 1
Nathan Jones: Chokeslam 4, DDT 6 OR Big Boot 2
Orlando Jordon: [any 2] Comblete Shot (Blackout), Fameasser, Extreme Twist of Fate, Backcracker (Black Ice)
Rikishi: Fire Thunder (Rikishi Driver), Rump Shaker
Rosey: Swing Bottom (Super Hero Slam), RVD Leg Drop (?)
Tajiri: Buzzsaw Kick, Shuffle Side Kick ?
Zach Gowen: Diving Moonsault 1, Lionsault Pin


Main Roster
A-1: Neckbreaker 4 (Royal Flush Neckbreaker), Magnum Driver (A-Bomb)
"The Monster" Abyss: Scrapbuster (Black Hole Slam), Train Wreck (Shock Treatment)
"The Phenomenal" A.J. Styles: Landing Pin (Styles Clash), Rolling Tunder 1 (Spiral Tap) OR Shooting Star Press 1 (Shooting Styles Press)
America's Most Wanted:
o "Wildcat" Chris Harris: Swing Bottom (Catatonic), Lashley Spear OR Magnum Driver (Live From The 504) OR Sharpshooter
o Gail Kim: Over Castle, Hurricarana Pin 2
o "Cowboy" James Storm: Super Kick, DDT 19 (Swinging Noose) OR Sharpshooter
Chris Sabin: 99 Crusher (Cradle Shock), DDT 7 (Future Shock)
Christian Cage: Unprettier, DDT 19 (CCT) OR Frog Splash Pin 2
"The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels: Edgecution (Angel's Wings), Neckbreaker 1 (Last Rites)
Christy Hemme: Extreme Twist of Fate x2
Eric Young: Camel Clutch 3 (Young Blood Neckbreaker), Superkick
Jackie Gayda: Over Castle, German Suplex Pin 1
Jay Lethal: Dragon Suplex Pin, Diving Headbutt (Diving Dynamite Headbutt)
Jeff Jarrett: Full Nelson Face Buster (The Stroke), Figure-4 Leg Lock 2
Lance Hoyt: Super Tornado Bomb (Texas Tower Bomb), Big Boot 2 (Boot from Hell)
Latin American Exchange:
o Hernandez: Powerbomb 2 (Border Toss), Dominator
o Homicide: Vertebreaker (Da Gringo Killa), Clothesline 9 (Decapitator) OR Bulldog 1
o Konnan: ? (Tequila Sunrise), Facecrusher 1 (Facejam)
Ms. Brooks: Go Round Pin (Pie in the Sky), Clothesline 9 (Brooks and Done)
Norman Smiley: ? (Norman Conquest) x2
Petey Williams: ? (Canadian Destroyer), Sharpshooter
Puma: ? (Figure Four Deathlock), Tombstone Piledriver ? (Puma Piledriver)
Raven: DDT 14 (Raven Effect) x2
"The War Machine" Rhino: Gore, Pieldriver 2 (Rhyno Driver)
Robert Roode: Neckbreaker 1 (The Payoff), Clothesline from Hell (Northern Lariat)
Ron "The Truth" Killings: Booker T Special (Axe Kick), Mexican Stretch Buster (Consequence)
Samoa Joe: Pump Up Buster (Muscle Buster), Rear Naked Choke (Coquina Clutch)
"Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner: Camel Clutch 2 (Steiner Recliner), Complete Shot (Steiner Flatliner)
Senshi: Foot Stamp 2 (Warrior's Way), 99 Crusher (Ki Krusher)
o Johnny Devine: Diving Moonsault 1 (Devine Intervention), Tigerbomb 1 (Hot Shot Piledriver)
o Kazarian: Complete Shot (Wave of the Future), Flip Bottom (Flux Capacitor)
o Maverick Matt Bentley: Super Kick (Maverick Crash), ? (Picture Perfect Elbow Drop)
Shark Boy: Diamond Dust (Dead Sea Drop), Dragonrana Pin (Sharkanrana)
So Cal Val: Woman's Special Slap (So Cal Slap) x2
Sonjay Dutt: DDT 4 (Sonjay Cutter), 450 Splash Pin
Sting: Sharpshooter (Scorpion Death Lock), DDT 6 (Scorpion Death Drop)
Team 3D:
o Brother D-Von: Saving Grace, Neckbreaker 12
o Brother Ray: Cutter (Brother Cutter), Full Nelson Bomb (Brother Bomb)
o Brother Runt: Deadly Dog (Acid Drop/Dudley Dog) x2
The Diamonds in the Rough:
o David Young: Spinebuster ? x2
o "Primetime" Elix Skipper: Overdrive (Play of the Day), Celtic Crush (Sudden Death)
o Simon Diamond: Magnum Driver (Simonizer), Cutter (Gem Cutter)
The Naturals:
o Andy Douglas: Double Arm DDT (Natural Selection) x2
o Chase Stevens: F-U 1 (Death Vally Driver), Shooting Star Press 1
o Shane Douglas: DDT 7 (Pittsburgh Plunge), Belly to Belly 3
The Paparazzi:
o Alex Shelley: Complete Shot (Shellshock), Ninja (Shiranui) OR Super Kick
o Austin Starr: [any 2] 450 Splash Pin, Dead Level (Starrbuster), Powerbomb 2
o Kevin Nash: Jackknife, Big Boot 2
Tomko: Big Boot 2 (Yakusa Kick) x2
Voodoo Kin Mafia:
o BG James: Pumphandle Drop (?) x2
o Kip James: Fameasser, Flash Back 2 (One & Only)
D-Ray 3000: Piledriver 2 (D-Ray Driver), Over Castle (D-Ray Drop)
Sean Waltman: Facecrusher 1 (X-Factor) x2

Other TNA Talent/Crew
Pierre-Carl Ouellette: Swanton Bomb 1 (Le Cannonball), Piledriver 2 (Xecution)
Don Harris: Powerbomb 4/5/6 (Biker Bomb), Big Boot 3
Glenn Gilberti (Disco Inferno): Stunner 4 (Chart Buster), Piledriver 2 (Macarena Piledriver)
Jerry Lynn: Piledriver 2, Tombstone Piledriver 2
Scott D'Amore: Magnum Driver (D'Amoralizer), 99 Driver (Canadian Crusher)
Terry Taylor: Flying Forearm Smash 2 (Five Arm), Figure-4 Leg Lock 2
Tom Prichard: Piledriver 2, Super Kick

Others (Under Construction)

ROH Roster
Adam Pearce: Piledriver 2, Money Shot Pin
Allison Danger: Shining Wizard 5 (Shining Apprentice), Buzzsaw Kick
B.J. Whitmer: T-Bone Suplex 1 (Exploder '98) x2
Bret Albright: Armbar 5(The Crowbar), Belly to Belly 3
Bryan Danielson: ? (Arms Across America), Dragon Suplex OR Back Suplex Pin 1 (Regal Suplex)
Chris Hero: Neckbreaker 1 (Hero's Welcome), French Bomb (Hero's Welcome Championship Edition)
Colt Cabana: Vertebraker (Colt 45), Super RKO (Lakeshore Drive)
Davey Richards: [any 2] Shooting Star Press 1, Tigerbomb 1 (D.R. Driver), Backcracker (Lung Blower)
Daizee Haze: [any 2] Snapmare ? (Mind Trip), Stunner 4 (Daizee Cutter), Hurricanrana ? (Daizeecanrana)
Delirious: Lift & Cutter (Invitro Fertilization), Spinning Fisherman Suplex (Bizarro Driver)
Jack Evans: French Bomb (Evans Driver), Swanton Bomb 1/2 OR 450 Splash Pin (630° Senton)
Jimmy Jacobs: Springboard DDT OR Ninja (Contra Code), Unprettier (Berzerker Drop)
Jimmy Rave: Pedigree 1/2 (Greetings From Ghana), DDT 5 (Gravity Killer)
Lacey: DDT ? x2
Matt Sydal: Shooting Star Press (Sydel Press), Flip Bottom (Cyclorama) OR Widow's Peak (Trigger Effect)
Nigel McGuinness: Super RKO (Tower of London), Pedigree 1 (Governer's Crumpet)
Roderick Strong: [any 2] Backbreaker ?, High Angle Boston Crab (Stronghold), Tigerbomb 2 (Gibson Driver), Widow's Peak (CX '02), Lift & Cutter (CX '03), ? (Death by Roderick)
The Briscoe Brothers:
o Jay Briscoe: Tigerbomb 1 (J-Driller), Super RKO (Briscoe Cutter)
o Mark Briscoe: [any 2]Diving Moonsault 1 (Briscoesault), Shooting Star Press 1 (Shooting Mark Press), Cutter, Reverse Death Valley (Marking Out)
CZW Roster
B-Boy: Shining Wizard 5, DDT 17 (Killer Driller)
Beef Wellington: Tigerbomb 1 (E-Coli Driver), Cutter (I Can't Believe It's Not Cutter)
Cheech: Lift & Cutter (Deluxe Drop), Shooting Star Press 1
El Generico: Dead Level, 450 Splash Pin
Excalibur: Tigerbomb 1 (Tiger Driver '98), Backcracker (Lungblower)
H8 Club:
o Justice Pain: Angle Slam 1/2 OR Judgement Slam (Pain Thriller), Super Kick
o Nick Gage: Backbreaker ? (Chokebreaker), Northern Lights Driver (Hardcore Drop)
Human Tornado: Back Suplex ? (Tornado-Plex), DDT 5 OR Lucha DDT
Jigsaw: Celtic Cross (Jig-n-Tonic), Shining Wizard ? OR Super Kick
John Zandig: ? (Mother F'n Bomb), Spiral Bomb
Larry Sweeney: Diving Elbow Drop Pin 1/2 (Shreveport Smash), Sleeper Hold 5 (Boa Constrictor)
Lobo: F-U 1 x2
The Messiah: Lift & Cutter (Fall from Grace), Super RKO (Godsmack)
Necro Butcher: Tigerbomb 2, Iron Claw
The Blackout:
o Eddie Kingston: Clothesline 17 (Blackout Lariat), Edgecution OR Code of Scilence (Royal Flush DDT)
o Ruckus: French Bomb (Hate Crime), 450 Splash Pin (Poetic Ruckus)
o Sabian: Foot Stamp 2 (Black Jesus Stomp), STF
AJPW Roster
AHII: Hurricarana Pin 2 (Sky High Rana), Lionsault Pin
Brother Yasshi: Diving Headbutt (Flying Big Head), Tombstone Piledriver 2 (Chlamydia)
Buchanan: Booker T Special (Censor Kick), Powerbomb ? (Iron Bomb)
D'Lo Brown: Frog Splash Pin 1 ('Lo Down), Fire Thunder (D'Lo Driver)
Kaz Hayashi: Final Cut, Celtic Cross (WA4)
Keiji Mutoh: Shining Wizard ?, Diving Moonsault 1 OR Figure-4 Leg Lock 2
Kensuke Sasaki: Northern Lights Driver (Northern Lights Bomb), Tigerbomb 3 (Volcano Eruption)
Minoru Suzuki: Sleeper Hold 4, Piledriver 2 (Gotch Piledriver)
RO'Z: Super Star Press Pin, Swing Bottom (Super Hero Slam) OR Fire Thunder
Satoshi Kojima: [any 2] Clothesline from Hell, Fire Thunder (CCD - Coji Crash Dynamite), Cutter (Koji Cutter)
Shuji Kondo: Clothesline from Hell (King Kong Lariat), Suplex Pin (Jackhammer)
Stan Hansen: Clothesline from Hell (Western Lariat) x2
TAKA Michinoku: French Bomb (Michinoku Driver II), Super Kick (Super K)
TARU: Fire Thunder (TARU Driller), Lionsault Pin (MoonTARUto)

NJPW Roster
Akebono: Sambo Suplex (64), Rump Shaker (Banzai Drop)
Black Strong Machine: Double Arm Suplex ? (Devil Windmill Suplex) x2
El Samurai: Saving Grace, Armbar 4
Giant Bernard: Fire Thunder (Bernard Driver), Train Wreck
Hirooki Goto: Angle Slam 1/2 (Go to Heaven) x2
Hiroshi Tanahashi: Dragon Sleeper 3 OR Dragon Suplex Pin, Frog Splash Pin 1/2 (High Fly Flow)
Hiroyoshi Tenzan: Tombstone Piledriver 1 (TTD - Tenzan Tombstone Driver), Diving Headbutt OR Diving Moonsault 1
Jushin Liger: Dead Level, Sit Down Power Bomb (Liger Bomb)
Koji Kanemoto: [any 2] Ankle Lock 1/2/3, Diving Moonsault 1/2, Tiger Suplex Pin
Manabu Nakanishi: Torture Rack x2
Masahiro Chono: Big Boot 2 (Yakuza Kick), STF-U OR STF
Milano Collection A.T.: Fisherman Suplex Pin (IR — Italian Revolution), Lionsault Pin (Emporio Armani Shoe)
Minoru Tanaka: F-U 1 (Santa Monica Pier), DDT 7
Shinsuke Nakamura: Suplex to Powerslam (Landslide), Triangle Hold (Shining Triangle)
Tiger Mask IV: Tiger Suplex Pin, Diving Moonsault 1
Yuji Nagata: [any 2] Leg Lock 4 (Nagata Lock I), Crippler Crossface (Nagata Lock II), Dead Level (Thunder Death Driver), Back Suplex Pin 1 (Backdrop Hold)

WCW Alumni
Abdullah the Butcher: Elbow Drop 7 (Sudanese Meat Cleaver), Money Shot Pin
Billy Kidman: Shooting Star Press 1 (Seven Year Itch), Unprettier (Kid Krusher)
"Bullet" Bob Armstrong: Jawbreaker 1 (Georgia Jawbreaker) x2
Brian Adams: Chokeslam 4, Full Nelson Slam 1/2
Buff Bagwell: Over Castle (Buff Blockbuster), Double Arm DDT (Kobashi DDT)
Chris Kanyon: Complete Shot (Flatliner), Cutter (Kanyon Kutter)
David Arquette: The Worm, Cutter (Diamond Cutter)
David Flair: Figure-4 Leg Lock 2, Dead Level
Diamond Dallas Page: Cutter (Diamond Cutter), Super RKO (Super Diamond Cutter)
The Disciple: Stunner 2/4 (Stunner) x2
Fit Finlay: Tombstone Piledriver 2 x2
Glacier: Super Kick (Cryonic Kick), Shuffle Side Kick ? (Cryonic Kick)
Goldberg: Suplex Pin (Jackhammer), Spear 4
Horace Hogan: Last Call, Bulldog 1
Jamie Knoble: Tombstone Piledriver 2, Diving Leg Drop
Kenny Kaos: Suplex 6 (Power Surge) x2
Major Gunns: The Shattered Dreams (Locked, Cocked & Unloaded), Facecrusher 2
The Nasty Boys:
o Brian Knobbs: Diving Elbow Drop Pin 1, Suplex to Powerslam
o Jerry Sags: Diving Elbow Drop Pin 1, Suplex to Powerslam
"Macho Man" Randy Savage: Diving Elbow Drop Pin 1/2 x2
Rick Steiner: Bulldog 1 (Steiner Bulldog), F-U 1 (Steiner Driver)
Scott Norton: Powerbomb 4/5/6 (Flash Bomb) x2
"Stunning" Steve Austin: Flapjack 2 (Stun Gun), Leg Lock 4 (Hollywood and Vine)
Stevie Ray: Pedigree 1/2 (Overheat), Alabama Slam (110th Street Slam)
Ultimo Dragon: DDT 4 (Asai DDT), Dragon Sleeper 3 OR Corkscrew Body Pin (Dragon Tornado)
Vampiro: French Bomb (Nail in the Coffin) x2
Wrath (Bryan Clarke): Pump Handle Slam (Meltdown), Rock Bottom (Death Penalty)

ECW Alumni
911: Chokeslam 4 x2
Axl Rotten: Saving Grace (S.S.T. - Severe Skull Trauma), Dominator
The Blue Meanie: Diving Moonsault 1 (Meaniesault), DDT 14
Big Dick Dudley: Back & Neckbreaker ? (Big Dick Driver), Chokeslam 2 (Total Penetration)
Big Guido: Chokeslam 4 (Sicilian Chokeslam) x2
Beulah McGillicutty: Hurricanrana ? (Beulahcanrana), DDT 14 (Dreamer DDT) OR Diving Moonsault 1 (Beulahsault)
Chris Candido: Diving Headbutt, Diving Leg Drop (New Jersey Jam)
Chris Chetti: Magnum Driver (Amityville Horror), Lionsault Pin (Chetti-sault)
Chris Hamrick: Diving Leg Drop (Confederate Crunch), Piledriver 2 (Southern Bellringer)
Christian York: Diving Knee Drop (Rebel Yell), Frog Splash Pin 2
Francine Fournier: DDT ?, Stunner 4
Hollywood Nova: Atomic Leg Drop 1 x2
Ian Rotten: Double Arm DDT (Rotten Rush), Diving Elbow Drop (Career Killer)
Johnny Swinger: DDT 1 (The Shaft), Russian Leg Sweep 1/2 (Swing Thing)
J.T. Smith: Diving Moonsault 1 x2
Justin Credible: Tombstone Piledriver 2 (That's Incredible), Super Kick (J-Kick)
Juventud Guerrera: 450 Splash Pin (Juvi Splash), French Bomb (Juvi Driver)
Kid Kash: Tigerbomb 1 (Money Maker), Frog Splash Pin 1/2
Lance Storm: Piledriver (Deep Impact), Suplex Pin (Power-Plex)
Masato Tanaka: Diamond Dust, Dominator (Complete Dust)
Mikey Whipwreck: Stunner 2/4 (Whipper-Snapper), Neckbreaker 1 (Rolling Whipper Snapper) OR Diamond Dust (Super Whipper-Snapper)
Mike Awesome: Super Tornado Bomb (Awesome Bomb), Frog Splash Pin 1/2 (Awesome Splash)
New Jack: F-U 1 (Death Valley Driver), Money Shot Pin (Suicide Splash) OR Diving Elbow Drop (187)
Nova: [any 2] Complete Shot (Novacain), Celtic Crush (Kryptonite Krunch), Neckbreaker 1 (Spin Doctor), Swanton Bomb 1 (Krytonite Bomb), Edgecution (Deep Impact)
Steve Corino: [any 2] Clothesline from Hell (Old School Lariat), Extreme Twist of Fate (Old School Expulsion), Northern Lights Driver (Old School Bomb), Super Kick (Old School Kick)
Vic Grimes: Super RKO (Grimes Cutter), Train Wreck (Victimizer) OR Landing Pin (Victimizer 3.0)

Old School
Big Show (era: pre-ECW): Show Stopper, Final Cut
Carlito (era: 2004): Overdrive x2
Carlito (era: pre-WM22): Neckbreaker 1, Backcracker
Chavo Guerrero (era: Kerwin White): Dead Level (White Out), Electric Chair Drop
Chavo Guerrero (era: WCW): Dead Level, STF OR STF-U (Deathlock STF)
CM Punk (era: ROH): Sleeper Hold 5 (Anaconda Vice), Pedigree 1/2 (Pepsi Plunge)
Edge (era: c.1999): Complete Shot (Downward Spiral), Electric Chair Drop
Eugene (era: Nick Dinsmore): German Suplex 4 x2
Jamie Noble (era: c.2002): Trailerhitch, Tigerbomb 3
Kane (era: Masked): Chokeslam 4 (Chokeslam from Hell), Tombstone Piledriver Pin
Kenny (era: OVW): RKO (RK-Doane), Flying Clothesline 3 (Doanenation)
Lance Cade (era: Garrison Cade): Diving Leg Drop, Diving Elbow Drop Pin 2
Shelton Benjamin (era: OVW): 450 Splash Pin, Dragon Whip 2 (Shell Shocker)
Umaga (era: 3MW/Jamal): Money Shot Pin (Flying Sausage) x2

Other Talent/Legends
Ace Steel: Widow's Peak (Spinal Shock), Lucha DDT (Steel Spike)
Art Barr: Frog Splash Pin 2, Super Kick
Brian Lee: Chokeslam 4 (Primetime Slam), Backbreaker 1 (Cancellation)
Dean Allmark: Frog Splash Pin 1/2, Tigerbomb 1
EZ Money: Dead Level (Bank Roll), Tombstone Piledriver 2 (Money in the Bank) OR Unprettier (Money Bag)
Giant Baba: Brain Chop (Giant Chop), Big Boot 3 (Baba Boot)
Hercules Hernandez: Torture Rack (Hercules Crusher), Full Nelson ?
Joe E. Legend: [any 2] Complete Shot (Legend Shot), Chokeslam 2 (Godzilla Chokebomb), Super Neckbreaker Pin (Legend Killer), Neckbreaker 1 (Legend Cutter), Diving Leg Drop (Glasgow Jam), Full Nelson Face Buster (Blackout)
Matt Stryker: F-U 1 (Stryker Driver), Leg Lock ? (Stryker Lock)
Mike Barton: Last Ride (Barton Bomb), Cutter (Gunn Cutter)
Mike Sanders: Backbreaker ? (3.0), Jawbreaker ? (End Result)
Otto Schwanz: Dominator (Dupp Bomb), Alabama Slam (Swinging Schwanz)
Russ Hass: Lock of Pain (Haas of Pain), T-Bone Suplex ?
Shinya Hashimoto: Dead Level (Brainbuster DDT), DDT 5 (Jumping DDT)
Teddy Hart: Gory Bomb 1 (Stu Hart Special), Shooting Star Press 1 (Hart Attack)
It's Destiny
backbone crusher
00lunedì 5 febbraio 2007 21.12
Ragazzi, riporto in auge questo topic per chiedere una cosa: quando creo i moveset per le caw, non riesco a mettere le mosse preferite che ho appena messo. Mi spiego, quando si vuole creare un moveset proprio, all'inizio c'è un moveset predefinito e quando lo cambio, nelle mosse preferite non posso mettere quelle che ho appena messo, ma posso mettere solo quelle del moveset predefinito. Qualcuno sa come riparare a questo errore? Tnx in advance [SM=x54507] [SM=x54507] [SM=x54507]
"R U Talking 2 Me?"
cpt. charisma
00lunedì 5 febbraio 2007 21.22
salva prima il moveset senza mosse preferite
poi ritorna dentro il moveset e scegli le favorites
backbone crusher
00lunedì 5 febbraio 2007 21.46

Scritto da: cpt. charisma 05/02/2007 21.22
salva prima il moveset senza mosse preferite
poi ritorna dentro il moveset e scegli le favorites

Fatto e compiuto [SM=x54480] !! Thank you very much [SM=x54507] [SM=x54507] !!!
"R U Talking 2 Me?"
cpt. charisma
00martedì 6 febbraio 2007 14.12
Re: Re:

Scritto da: backbone crusher 05/02/2007 21.46
Fatto e compiuto [SM=x54480] !! Thank you very much [SM=x54507] [SM=x54507] !!!

di niente [SM=x54480]
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