Question: Is Lita really pregnant ?

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00martedì 13 luglio 2004 11.05
Do you guys really think Lita is gonna have a baby or is it part of a storyline if she is damn what a waste unless it was mine she is super hot but its true women do get that certain glow when there gonna have a baby...........
00martedì 13 luglio 2004 12.37
i dont think she is really PREGNANT , it's just a bad storyline
00martedì 13 luglio 2004 12.40
probably a naff storyline i would imgine altho she might be carrying matt's baby
00martedì 13 luglio 2004 12.44
its hard to tell if shes pregnant, or a victim of a crappy storyline.
00martedì 13 luglio 2004 14.27
I have it on good authority, that she is really pregnant in real life with Matt!! And i remember reading something saying that this storyline is going to last the full 9 monnths, and then Lita will eb taking time off along with Matt to have the babym i'm not sure though, don't hold me to that, i might be wrong!!!
00martedì 13 luglio 2004 14.40
just bad storyline
stacy lover 900
00martedì 13 luglio 2004 16.15
shes not pregnant or else she would be fat

DAH!!!!!!!![SM=x66977] [SM=x66977] [SM=x66977]
00martedì 13 luglio 2004 17.49
okay news flash, just become someone is pregnant doesn't mean they become fat instantly usually it takes about 2-5 months for some women to start showing, I could see that Lita might be pregnant cuz she was pretty crabby at an autograph signing that I went to two weeks ago July 3rd in Saskatoon (we were supposed to have trish but as you know she hurt her right hand so she couldn't really sign stuff, so instead we got Victoria and Lita [SM=x66978] which was an okay trade up for me, although I did want to meet Trish more. but she may have just been cold because it was a fairly cool day. but she hadn't started to show it. Give her a few months if she starts to get a belly there's the proof but just because someone is a month pregnant (which is about how long the storyline has been going) doesn't mean she'd be getting fat quite yet, although her boobs and butt might start to get a bit bigger before the belly.
00martedì 13 luglio 2004 18.05
im hoping that she isn't pregnant because Lita is meant to be mine lol. anyways i would miss seeing after she takes all that time off from wrestling and I also despise matt hardy. lucky sob, if anything i would rather for it to be Kane's baby just the see what it would look like.
stratusfaction guaranteed
00martedì 13 luglio 2004 22.48
if she really was pregnant I don't think she would be doing much in-ring work.

just have to wait and see. [SM=x66981]
00mercoledì 14 luglio 2004 01.39
I doubt she's pregnant. Just a storyline...
00mercoledì 14 luglio 2004 10.37
theres no way that she could be pregnant
00mercoledì 14 luglio 2004 15.49
Nah she can't be
00mercoledì 14 luglio 2004 22.35

Scritto da: stratusfaction guaranteed 14/07/2004 4.48
if she really was pregnant I don't think she would be doing much in-ring work.

just have to wait and see. [SM=x66981]

She hasn't been wrestling since she announced that she is supposeably pregnat.

I personally have no idea... but it's a possibility, since her and Matt have had a long relationship.
00giovedì 15 luglio 2004 02.20

Scritto da: stacy lover 900 13/07/2004 22.15
shes not pregnant or else she would be fat

DAH!!!!!!!![SM=x66977] [SM=x66977] [SM=x66977]

Dude, it would take a few more months for a woman as fit as Lita to start to show.
00giovedì 15 luglio 2004 12.58
now that was funny stacy lover and for lita i dont think she's pregnant cause if she really were i dont think they would've take that much risk cause just the fact of being in the ring(remember the fight backstage with trish)is too dangerous hey we never know when we'll slip and fall on our belly
00giovedì 15 luglio 2004 15.02
It's a possibility. She hasn't taken any bumps lately and this storyline is expected to go on for the whole 9 months so it's definately possible...
00giovedì 15 luglio 2004 21.13
she may be pregnant. I think that she would wait a few years before she has a baby though.
00giovedì 15 luglio 2004 21.23
There is no way that she is pregnant. It is too stupid and they (Matt and Lita) are just trying to make a lot of noise to keep jobs. It is sad but as you can see we are talking about it so they are doing something... I guess.[SM=x67015]
00sabato 17 luglio 2004 05.02
The answer is simply no and the reason for her not taking any bumps lately is becaue she is sepose to be pregnent.
00sabato 17 luglio 2004 05.34
i certainly hope not
now let's get this straight,

lita havin kane's child,imagine that....

I got possible names for it :-
Kane Jr
The Big Wet Machine
The Moanster

nah,no way
Just a bad storyline to proove Kane is human,in a way I guess.

00sabato 17 luglio 2004 05.45
really? who was that lucky guy responcible for litas pregnancy?
00sabato 24 luglio 2004 19.03
na she aint fat enuff
00sabato 24 luglio 2004 20.37
If Lita really was pregnant, WWE would have allready sent her home.
00sabato 21 agosto 2004 16.22
it doesnt look like it to me
00sabato 21 agosto 2004 16.32
nah its just a bad story line.

[SM=x67010] RAVENXXX[SM=x67010]
00domenica 22 agosto 2004 01.04
She has put on a few pounds. Maybe she is. I doubt she'd take this much time off if she wasn't.
00domenica 22 agosto 2004 01.15
its been a vry long time sincce the discussion started and ill saw no she isnt look at her stomach man
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