Goldberg: Stay or Go?

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00lunedì 29 dicembre 2003 15.45
With the Rock becoming a part-timer, Angle's neck growing more dodgy, Steve Austin no longer wrestling and the Undertaker out of the picture there are hardly any superstar faces in the WWE. Goldberg may be bit moody but I dont think they can afford to let him go. Guys that can pump up a crowd simply by being in the ring are few and far between. I think a Goldberg/Lesnar main event at Wrestlemania would be about as good a match as you're gonna get in the WWE at the moment. Maybe somehow use it to kick off a RAW/Smackdown feud that lasts until the NEXT Wrestlemania - now that would be cool.

Or is Goldberg just a whining little bitch that should be booted out at the next oppertunity?
00lunedì 29 dicembre 2003 18.12
"Goldberg may be bit moody but I dont think they can afford to let him go."
They can afford anyone go as Vince proved over the years, especially a guy like Goldberg that has 0 ability to work the mic, Goldberg is nothing special they could get any football player out there train him hard for 3 years and then he will be even better than Goldberg, all the "HYPE" surrounding Goldberg is fake it was given to him by WCW, Goldberg sucks and his attitude is horrible let him go already and give guys like RVD A CHANCE AND Y2J A bigger push.
00lunedì 29 dicembre 2003 23.35
I don't think that they can get rid of Goldberg yet. They'll need a couple of months. They'll have to use Sean O'haire, turn Jericho face, get Edge back and push the hell out of RVD, Eddy, and Benoit.
00martedì 30 dicembre 2003 00.34
the wwe needs goldberg, but not the goldberg that has been on tv lately they need the goldberg that was in wcw and had a fued with the rock. goldberg is shit on the mic and isnt a good face, but he is also not a good heel, he should be used as 1 of those middle men that doesnt care who it is, like the old austin, goldberg doesnt necessarily have to be in the title picture but he needs the writers to use him beta, more of a monster thats cannot be beaten,so i believe he needs to be kept and used beta
00martedì 30 dicembre 2003 00.58
hes over rated they got enough people they should throw him out
00martedì 6 gennaio 2004 16.50
Stay, goldberg is a great asset, except the fact he dosent like doing house shows
00mercoledì 7 gennaio 2004 10.32
they should definately get rid of him, his ring work is terrible, his mic work is even worse. they need to push rvd, jericho(without the trish story), and ultimo dragon before they lose him
00mercoledì 7 gennaio 2004 17.48
i think its fine how it is IMO
00mercoledì 7 gennaio 2004 21.31
He shall stay-ith
If they wanted to get rid of him they should of done it before his push. Now he's in feuds and more exposed, wouldn't make sense to get rid of him now.
00giovedì 8 gennaio 2004 18.14
well, considering he's gonna be gone soon anyways, i think that the WWE should finish him the way he came in back in WCW, as an unstoppable force who doesn't care about what people think about him.
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00giovedì 8 gennaio 2004 19.31
Ralphus..there was an unstoppable force.
I hope they do that with Goldberg, he wants to be like that, but doesn't sound like the WWE wants to go that way.
warren t
00giovedì 8 gennaio 2004 20.11
goldberg kicks ass. anyone who hates out...hes dangerous!:D
00giovedì 15 gennaio 2004 17.49
just let him go
00venerdì 16 gennaio 2004 00.03
don't get me wrong I like Goldberg but I was a bit upset that he came because I knew that was gonna really give Vince a reason not to push RVD and Booker T but then again Vince is never gonna put the Title around Booker's waist anyway but Vince also isn't going to make Goldberg a dominating because that's basically what he's doing with his son in law and his friends. Vince will probably just use Goldberg for jobbing now. But I think Goldberg is better off without WWE as well as anyone else in WWE from WCW or ECW except Y2J
00venerdì 16 gennaio 2004 00.59

Scritto da: nameiseoj 15/01/2004 23.49
just let him go

i dont understand whats the hype all about
just get some other ex football player and pay him less oh ya and train him better.
00venerdì 16 gennaio 2004 10.06
nobody understands wat goldberg is all about
he isnt surposed to be a master in ring or on the mic
he is basically power and dominance
if the wwe loose goldberg that would be a huge mistake
if they use him right not as a baby face or as a heel but like stone cold was back when he first started like im talkin back in the day
goldberg could be the biggest asset the wwe has but politics has to come into things again
00domenica 18 gennaio 2004 15.14
As sad as it is, I think he should go. I'd love to see him stay, but the WWE are seriously misusing him. Realistically, he shoud of won the strap during the Elimination Chamber after he simply destroyed the competition. What he did during the match ensured the guy was over. After winning it then, he should still have it.

The writers screwed him early on, with the whole thing about having him with Goldust's wig and other stupid mistakes. They never portrayed him as the monster that made him so popular.
00lunedì 19 gennaio 2004 00.03
Goldber hype is over, this isnt the WcW, its the wwe, get wut u can and get the F out:IE :evil
00lunedì 19 gennaio 2004 00.16

Scritto da: 3Fast3Furious 19/01/2004 6.03
Goldber hype is over, this isnt the WcW, its the wwe, get wut u can and get the F out:IE :evil

Yeah, I hate it when WWE seems too much like WCW
00lunedì 19 gennaio 2004 02.00
stay for a while.
00martedì 20 gennaio 2004 09.23
he's so damn boring
00martedì 20 gennaio 2004 18.23
00venerdì 23 gennaio 2004 20.38
Not a fan, but he's good for business.

He can put on a match if someone carries him (ALA Jericho) they could let him go, and let him work in Japan for a while, I'm sure they'll teach him a few things.
A Donkey
00martedì 27 gennaio 2004 03.56
re: goldberg
they will not want him to go because he is the only money bringer... HHH is getting dull and predictable evolution is annoying... They need him to bring more of a crowd... and goldberg is doing that... so long story short..
for the wwe goldberg = money....
right now anyways
00martedì 27 gennaio 2004 18.22
00martedì 27 gennaio 2004 18.22
i hate him
00martedì 27 gennaio 2004 18.27
I hope what is going around about goldberg is true(that after Mania he is gone) I never liked Goldberg and never will. The guy wants top dollar yet he can't wrestle.
00mercoledì 28 gennaio 2004 12.53
There will never be anything better thatn old school wrestling. The new superstars can only hope to be as great as the forefathers of wrestling. It already seems as if Brock Lesnar will be one of those legends that will be remembered for a long time. Batista is another fairly new superstar who seems to have a very fortunate future.
00giovedì 29 gennaio 2004 16.36
goldberg should stay until after wrestlemania and then do what he wants
00venerdì 30 gennaio 2004 18.14
While he can't carry a match he's good at playing the aggressive monster. When he slams someone it looks painful, and he has a good tempo (his matches are too fast to be boring). Just use him a little better and keep him on.
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