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The Librarian

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O' Boss
Noah Crazy fan
Oakland Tribune

EARLIER this year, Noah Wyle chatted with reporters about his last season on "ER" and how odd it was to be the old man of the series after starting out as the green, new guy.
We wondered what the future held for the affable actor.

Well, he said, he was going to do a movie for TNT and had the title role of ... the librarian?

We'll brush those earlier doubts aside and let you know that this is a charming, self-deprecating tale of professional student Flynn Carsen, whose first job out in the world is to, well, save the world.

Flynn is forced by a professor to get a j-o-b, which proves more difficult than he imagined. Living with his mother (Olympia Dukakis), he realizes just how pathetic he is when mom fixes him up with yet another daughter-of-a-friend who asks him about himself and his life.

So when an offer to interview for a job at the Metropolitan Public Library magically appears, he jumps at it. He meets the mysterious library head Judson (Bob Newhart) and his assistant Charlene (Jane Curtin) and passes the test.

Turns out the librarian guards the world's treasures, from Pandora's Box to Excalibur. When bad guy (Kyle MacLachlan) threatens to wreak havoc on the world by stealing the Spear of Destiny, it's up to Flynn to solve a series of mysteries and come to the rescue. He's aided by the beautiful Nicole (Sonya Walger).

Producer Dean Devlin ("Independence Day") brings to the small screen a thoroughly entertaining production that's part "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and part "Romancing the Stone," with the adventure, romance and humor of both.

And where else will you find Newhart making like Chuck Norris?

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O' Boss
Noah Crazy fan
Now he's a globe-trotting nerd

Friday, December 3, 2004


Noah Wyle says his newest TV project is "just pure escapist entertainment."


8 p.m. Sunday, TNT

Imagine an action-adventure with Indiana Jones-like challenges and Joan Wilder-watt romantic sparks - only it doesn't involve a swashbuckling archaeology professor or a famous novelist, but a nerdy 30-year-old mama's boy and perpetual student.

What you get is Noah Wyle's newest TV project - "The Librarian: Quest for the Spear"- and it's good, old-fashioned, unadult fun.

"That's exactly what drew me to this," Wyle says, on the phone. "It's just pure escapist entertainment. You can't read that script and not get a sense of the spirit behind it. It's just a really good throwback to Saturday matinee-type movies, in the tradition of 'Indiana Jones.'Ÿ" The kind, he adds, that kids watch "with a bag of popcorn and a big smile on their face."

Wyle's character, Flynn Carsen, is a big departure from his Dr. John Carter on "ER," a competent physician and smooth ladies' man. Flynn still lives at home with Mom (Olympia Dukakis), who tries to set him up on blind dates. He has earned 22 master's degrees, four in Egyptology, but has never put any to practical use. When a professor bars him from taking more courses, insisting that Flynn needs to brave the real world, he's at a loss.

But then, Flynn gets a mysterious invitation to apply for a job at the Metropolitan Public Library. One of many hopefuls, he faces a no-nonsense interviewer (Jane Curtin), but impresses her with not only his vast trove of knowledge - the guy could give Ken Jennings a run for his money - but his deductive reasoning. Soon, he's being trained by the equally humorless library head, played by the wonderfully deadpan Bob Newhart.

Only after he has the post does Flynn learn its centuries-old secret: A secret wing of the library building houses history's greatest treasures - including the Ark of the Covenant, Pandora's Box and Excalibur - and the Librarian must protect them, at all costs.

After members of the malevolent Serpent Brotherhood break in and steal one portion of the Spear of Destiny - an ancient holy relic that bestows control of the world's fate - Flynn has to track down the other two sections and keep them from falling into the wrong hands. This mission takes him to the Amazon with a gutsy library operative named Nicole Noone (Sonya Walger), who is charged with keeping him safe. Flynn's not encouraged to hear that the last librarian (Kyle MacLachlan) died on her watch.

With the Serpent brotherhood in pursuit, this odd couple contends with deadly headhunters, rushing waterfalls, collapsing bridges and Mayan death traps. Ultimately, their journey takes them across the globe, to the fabled kingdom of Shangri-La.

"The Librarian," written and co-produced by David Titcher, was filmed in Mexico.

"It was a very physical job - shooting in the jungle, running and jumping and leaping, and then, simulating Mayan death chambers, collapsing temples, collapsing bridges," he says. "I felt honestly like I was going over to my best friends' yard to play. ... I can't overstate how much fun I had doing the job."

The actor liked playing the character's dichotomy - "he's very smart, but he's not very strong" - and says it was an "intimidating thrill" to have worked with Curtin and Newhart, comedy pros he has long admired.

"Being thrown in the scene where I was supposed to be acting between them was terrifying. You're talking about two people who have the most specific rhythms," says Wyle. (He did not appear in the three "ER" episodes in which Newhart guest-starred in 2003.)

If ratings for "The Librarian" are good, Flynn may return. "We made it with the hope and intent of making a series of films," says Wyle, who expects to have more time for such projects.

Though he has said that this 11th "ER" season will likely be his last as Dr. Carter - at least his final full season - Wyle still has not tired of the guy, who has evolved from naïve intern to seasoned doctor.

"I will always have a good time playing him. He is and always will be very much a part of me," Wyle says. "I'm very proud of the arc that we've presented with him. I think very few characters on television have the trajectory he has. ... It's really gratifying."

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08/12/2004 08.46
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O' Boss
Noah Crazy fan
Ascolti da paura!Speriamo che questo significhi averlo anche in Italia! Lì fra poco esce pure il dvd!!!!

From Variety

Sports cabler edged TNT for the 18-49 crown last week, though the Turner-owned channel delivered a whopping 7 million viewers for its original adventure movie "The Librarian: Quest for the Spear."

The 8 p.m. telepic beat CBS and WB in 18-49 rankings, posting a 2.8/6 in the time period. Movie also posted strong 25-54 numbers (3.3/7) and drew an additional 2. 9 million viewers to the 10 p.m. encore.

"Librarian" ranks as the most-watched movie year-to-date on ad-supported cable; it's tops in adults 18-49, 25-54 and total viewers. Made-for, exec produced by Dean Devlin, stars Noah Wyle as a bookworm called upon to save the world.

From USA Today.

Noah scores. TNT's The Librarian: Quest for the Spear, starring ER's Noah Wyle, averaged a healthy 7 million viewers and is the season's top basic-cable movie.

From the Washington Post.

"The Librarian: Quest for the Spear." Noah Wyle is a hot nerdy librarian who's put in charge of humanity's greatest secrets -- Pandora's box, the goose that laid the golden egg, the Bill O'Reilly phone tapes -- hidden under the New York Metropolitan Library, and when the Serpent Brotherhood snatches part of the Spear of Destiny (look it up) he has to retrieve it before they gain control of the world. If you're among the nearly 7 million who tuned in on TNT, you helped make it basic cable's No. 1 flick of the year.

Ed il produttore dice...

Devlin (Devlin)
Monday, December 06, 2004 - 07:16 pm
Well, thankfully, we did spectacularly well in the ratings on Saturday, so it is very likely that you will see The Adventures of The Librarian continue!!

08/12/2004 12.51
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O' Boss
Noah Crazy fan
The Librarian: Quest For The Spear
By Aaman Lamba

TNT's "The Librarian", an original, made-for-television film turned out to be a fun watch, pitching a smart, young Noah Wyle(ER, A Few Good Men) as the person responsible for managing a cornucopia of secret treasures hidden under the New York Metropolitan Library. These treasures include some of humanity's greatest secrets, such as Pandora's Box and the Spear of Destiny, which is stolen by the bad guys. The rest of the film is the boyish, intellectual action hero cum Librarian's quest for the parts of the spear, aided by the requisite female interest, played by Sonya Walger (Coupling, Mind of the Married Man). Bob Newhart appears in an entertaining bit part.

The film's music is it's failing - the canned variety and inappropriate at times. The adventures are predictable with convenient saves out of a video game, such as jumping off a collapsing bridge and being taken hostage by pygmies who turn friendly. Some of the scenes are quite entertaining, as when the hero dances the Blue Danube with his sidekick to get through a torrent of arrows. The hero is very well read and solves most puzzles by dint of his knowledge of topics like ancient Portuguese, the language of the Birds and sheer deduction a la Holmes. Of course, Jimmy Neutron displays similar depth of knowledge, albeit in a different setting.

A few mistakes in the intricate story are evident, like the reference to a language called 'Indian' and linen sheets in a hut in the Amazonian jungle. The story switches from New York to the Amazon jungle, and to the Himalayas in the quest, all depicted visually well, if too set-like. The twists are the usual kind - one will not give them away only so that the reruns are not upset.

Overall, the film is derivative and predictable but a good, entertaining Sunday evening television adventure with good acting by Noah Wyle and an interesting premise that could well derive a few sequels.

16/12/2004 09.09
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O' Boss
Noah Crazy fan
By: ANN ZIVOTSKY - For the North County Times

On the list of unlikely action heroes, which includes the actors Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser, add Noah Wyle, who is the perfect lead for TNT's new adventure, "The Librarian: Quest for the Spear," airing at 8 p.m. Sunday.

Bravo to TNT for coming up with a fun, adventure movie for the holiday television season, an antidote to the sickeningly sweet, sentimental fare on most channels. Wyle plays 30-year-old Flynn Carsen, who has dozens of college degrees, lives at home with his mother (the great Olympia Dukakis) and is afraid to leave the world of academia.

Forced out into the real world, Flynn is recruited for a job at the Metropolitan Public Library. But this job doesn't involve shelving books but, instead, protecting the world's greatest treasures ---- including Excalibur and Pandora's box. As "The Librarian," Flynn is assigned to bring back the Spear of Destiny, the legendary spear used to pierce Jesus Christ's side during the crucifixion, which has fallen into the hands of an evil cult leader.

Flynn's development as The Librarian is watched over by Charlene (Jane Curtain) and Judson (Bob Newhart in a very new role for him), both of whom have both street smarts and mystical abilities to give Flynn a hand in his adventures. Watching over Flynn's physical life is Sonya Walger as Nicole, a butt-kicking bodyguard for Flynn. She's the brawn, and he's the brains, which is a nice twist.

Wyle and the supporting cast play wonderfully off each other. Great expressions come across Wyle's face, while Newhart delivers lines with his famous dry wit. Wyle is the perfect absent-minded professor ---- he trips in the Amazon and then is distracted by a species of flower he's landed next to. And when he realizes the fate of the world is in his hands, his only response is, "That is so sad."

The only actor who can't strike the right balance in this retro-adventure is Kyle MacLachlan as the evil cult leader. Instead of playing the part over the top, MacLachlan just overacts.

TNT has set up "The Librarian" to be a continuing series and let's hope there are enough viewers to make that happen because this "Librarian" is worth renewing again and again.


17/12/2004 23.07
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O' Boss
Noah Crazy fan
14/01/2005 16.02
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Noah Crazy fan
18/01/2005 22.40
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O' Boss
Noah Crazy fan
The Librarian breaks ratings records, sequel is on the way

Arclight Films is proud to announce the overwhelming success of the TNT broadcast of The Librarian, the highest rated movie shown on cable television this year, beating out both made for television films as well as all theatrical motion pictures shown.

This success marks an auspicious beginning for the trilogy, making it the benchmark franchise for television in the years to come, especially with the next two films right around the corner. Production for the second instalment is scheduled for spring 2005 and to be broadcasted in the US the following December.

The Librarian stars the five time Emmy nominated and three time Golden Globe nominated Noah Wyle (ER), Kyle MacLachlan, Kelly Hu, Olympia Dukakis, Sonia Walger, Jane Curtain and Bob Newhart. The $10M effects packed television movie in the style of Indiana Jones is Devlin’s first venture into television movies, with the idea of creating a franchise similar to the theatrical event movies Devlin made with Roland Emmerich.

Devlin quotes 'It’s a challenge to bring the kind of scale and FX we feel this franchise deserves, but that’s the real fun of it. The first film was shot in HD and had over 300 digital FX shots in it. The next one will have to top it!' Devlin and his Electric producing team Marc Roskin and Kearie Peak aim to make two or three movies in the next few years with TNT and a theatrical feature film in three years.

The film tells the story of a repository for humanity’s greatest secrets, all hidden beneath the monolithic New York Metropolitan Library. From the Golden Fleece to the Ark of the Covenant, every enigma and artefact from every known and unknown civilization is protected from the forces of Evil who, if given the chance, would use the priceless treasures for their nefarious plans. Only one man can keep them safe: The Librarian.

Under his Electric Entertainment banner, Devlin is already working on a video game for next year and a novelization has just been released in the US by Simon & Schuster to coincide with the US television premiere and overseas television and DVD premieres. Devlin says “Of course, distributors who get the first film will have first look on the next movies in the series”.

International sales are brisk on the film. 'We presold the movie a lot. We’re finishing the sales right now in the last countries and and are readying ourselves for the sequel' said Nicolas Chartier, from Arclight Films.


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21/01/2005 11.20
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O' Boss
Noah Crazy fan
Io Amo ELLIE![1ami]
PRomo PIcs da The Librarian qui:

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26/02/2005 10.02
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O' Boss
Noah Crazy fan
THE LIBRARIAN: QUEST FOR THE SPEAR (TNT) - A whopping 7.0 million
viewers tuned into Sunday's premiere of the telefilm, making it the
most-watched original movie thus far in 2004 on basic cable. Among
adults 18-49, "Librarian" averaged a 2.8 rating/6 share, good enough
to beat CBS and the WB in said demographic. The series also fared well
among adults 25-54 (3.3 rating/7 share) while its 10:00/9:00c encore
earned a respectable 2.9 million viewers.

13/03/2005 16.56
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O' Boss
Noah Crazy fan
March 10, 2005

Devlin, Chartier turn on Voltage

Electric Entertainment, the production company headed by Dean Devlin, is teaming with veteran foreign sales player Nicolas Chartier to form a new international sales entity, Voltage Pictures, which will handle international sales for Electric's film and television slate. The first project under the new sales banner will be the original movie thriller "The Triangle," which will premiere in the United States on the Sci Fi Channel. The six-hour, three-part event was created by Devlin and filmmaker Bryan Singer. Voltage also will handle foreign sales for the upcoming original movie "The Librarian 2," which starts shooting this summer. "The Librarian" was the highest-rated movie on cable in 2004, premiering on TNT last December. (Liza Foreman)

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25/07/2005 10.51
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O' Boss
Noah Crazy fan
Video clips da The Librarian








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01/08/2005 17.47
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the librarian 2
per favore qualcuno è a conoscenza del nome della casa di produzione sudafricana che ha girato nel mese di luglio 2005 in Kenia le riprese del film The librarian 2 dell'episodio King Salomon Mines, è importante per me devo rintracciare un operatore di quella troupe.......grazie mille in anticipo
01/08/2005 17.54
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Noah fan
the librarian2
ah dimenticavo.....ho conosciuto noah questa estate in kenia, è venuto al mio albergo per la festa di fine riprese del film.....è molto molto carino, simpatico e persona molto semplice....proprio come lo si vede in video.[2cia]
01/08/2005 20.54
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O' Boss
Noah Crazy fan
Rebirebi, la casa di produzione SudAfricana?
Alla casa di produzione americana ci potremmo arrivare ma a quella SUdAfricana la vedo dura! Proverò a fare una ricerca...
Ma come hanno già girato? E finito le riprese? Su iMdb il film è segnato dal 14 luglio in preproduzione e alcuni membri del cast sono stati annunciati pochi giorni fa....

ah dimenticavo.....ho conosciuto noah questa estate in kenia, è venuto al mio albergo per la festa di fine riprese del film.....è molto molto carino, simpatico e persona molto semplice....proprio come lo si vede in video.

BEATA TE![1secr]
Sapere qualche altro dettaglio non ci dispiacerebbe...[1ami] [SM=g27828]

01/08/2005 21.01
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O' Boss
Noah Crazy fan
Mi è venuta un'idea: potresti postare sulla board del produttore del film, Dean Devlin. Generalmente risponde anche lui personalmente, è molto gentile.
Ecco la link:
C'è una sezione del forum dedicata a The Librarian....prova, visto mai...

01/08/2005 21.39
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Post: 2
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Noah fan
grazie per la risposta
grazie raffy per aver risposto ma purtroppo nn me la cavo molto bene con l'inglese, cmq per rispondere alla tua hanno finito di girare in Kenia, a Malindi per la precisione, la festa per la fine delle riprese è stata il giorno 22 luglio, è stata una festa sulla spiaggia dell'albergo dove alloggiavo io poichè nello stesso albergo alloggiava anche la famosa troupe sudafricana, Noah invece alloggiava al Kilili Hotel di Malindi (albergo stupendo) e si è recato da noi a festa iniziata ed io ho avuto la fortuna di scontrarmi con lui sul vialetto del mio cottage, figurati la sorpresa ho sussultato e lui con un sorriso mi ha degnata di un "Hallo....!!!" subito dopo ho chiesto di poter fare una foto assieme, ha detto di si....dopo lo scatto è stato contornato da quelli della troupe e nn vi è stata più possibilità di ne è andato verso le 22.00 ed è finita lì.[1wow]
Cmq se tu potessi aiutarmi (visto il tuo inglese perfetto) per conoscere il nome della casa di produzione di quella troupe te ne sarei infinitamente grata visto che devo rintracciare un operatore che ne faceva parte.
Ovviamente la foto è a diposizione ,se la vuoi, evito di pubblicarla perchè ci sono pure io e credimi posso solo rovinare la sua bellezza [2bab] [1amo]
01/08/2005 21.42
Post: 3
Post: 3
Registrato il: 01/08/2005
Noah fan
ah dimenticavo.....forse per la ricerca è importante che ti dica il nome dell'albergo dove alloggiavo era il Coral key di Malindi.
Grazie ancora, ti sono debitrice per ogni notizia che mi saprai fornire.[1ami]
01/08/2005 22.03
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O' Boss
Noah Crazy fan

Il mio inglese è men che mai che perfetto ma ho chi mi può dare una mano[1ami] realtà il vero punto è inventarsi una scusa per cui vogliamo avere queste informazioni....perchè se diciamo che cerchiamo un operatore li mettiano sul chi va la....vabbè male che ci va non ci rispondono.[1wow]
Aspetto che la mia amica torni a casa per farmi dare una mano per quello che dobbiamo scrivere.Se ci dovessero rispondere ti farò sapere.Che la fortuna sia con noi!

Ovviamente la foto è a diposizione ,se la vuoi, evito di pubblicarla perchè ci sono pure io e credimi posso solo rovinare la sua bellezza

E che esagerazione![SM=g27827] Diciamo che non mi dispiacerebbe vederla(immagina me che cerca di contenersi mentre schizza sulla sedia esagitata[SM=g27835] ), se per te non ci sono problemi[SM=g27823] Puoi spedirla al mio indirizzo di posta:

01/08/2005 22.22
Post: 4
Post: 4
Registrato il: 01/08/2005
Noah fan
trasmissione della foto eseguita.....diciamo che è un piccolo anticipo dei miei ringraziamenti per il disturbo [SM=g27828] [1ami]
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